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They once rode a bull until it fell asleep.

My new shoes.

Zara Colorblocked Sandals

Yep. I’m pretty sure they could ride a bull¬†until he fell asleep. They’re that fierce.

I think they could lean a tiny bit dominatrix if not for their soft suededness and cool blue tones, no?

I also think they scared McGuyver, just a little bit.

Wearing: Top-Anthropologie , Skirt-J.Crew Wool No. 2 Skirt, Cami-Anthropologie Eloise, Shoes-Zara Colorblocked Sandals

Anyone seen those adds for Dos Equis, the most interesting man in the world? The title of this post is courtesy of their brilliant advertising. They seriously crack me up.

I never cross the threshold of Zara. Seriously, never. But Saturday, I did just that.

I was kid free, flying to and fro at the speed of sound without a stroller to slow me down, conquering store errands left and right.

I walked right on by, then stopped, spun around, and walked in. That’s when I saw them, these color blocked sandals. No, not for the first time. I’ve seen them on many a blogger, looking foxy as ever. Hot, I thought, but not for me.¬† “Too high”, I said. “That heel is way too high. They look uncomfortable.”

But guess what. They were on sale for $29.99, had one pair in the entire store, and it was my size.

I don’t toy with fate, y’all.

Are they uncomfortable? Yep. Impractical? Yep. Fabulous? 100%.

A lil’ Dr. Scholl’s treatment under the ball of the foot should do the trick.

Just…..no marathons.

xoxo Molly




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