Puddle of Drool – New Arrivals Edition

Say hello to Anthro’s new arrivals….

and have a tissue handy for the drool.

Geography Lesson Chairs.

Nannette Asymmetric Dress

Dotty Jacquard Buttondown


Given then Gathered Column Dress

Kozo Heels

Descending Peplum Blouse -tried this one on, and it shot to the top of my wishlist. GORGEOUS. I took a size 6 for reference.

Concocted V-Neck

Charina Wingtip Heels


La Jolla Necklace


Dime Novel Wide Legs



AG Malibu Printed Bermudas, Red

Golden Rolled Sandals – but I may want to buy them in the Flame colorway somewhere else.


Shivali Dolman

Yuzu Mary Janes

Melisande Tank

Sparked Agate Bib Necklace

Polka Dotted Swing Blouse

You may now wring out your tissue.

Pardon my own puddle of drool on the Anthro catwalk, but I can’t help myself. I am quite enjoying the new ladies of June rolling out, aren’t you? Though I still long to see Anthro put out some awesome knee-length skirts like those of yore, I am very encouraged by the new Anthro crop. Encouraged enough so that I have brought home 3 of these beauties above within the last 2 weeks. Care to take a stab at which ones?

And a sort of confessional here….I fell prey to another necklace hunt at Anthro.

Wearing: Pants-Anthropologie Patch Pocket Trousers, Top-BR Outlet, Cardi-J.Crew Jackie, Necklace- Anthropologie Sea Spikes, Shoes-J.Crew factory Cece Studded Ballet Flats in suede

This necklace is gorgeous, and longish for a bib-style necklace, a fact which makes my long neck rejoice.  Word of warning however….you have to look at several necklaces and grab the one that is unmarred. Cause if you don’t, you’ll live my frustrating tale: My store only had one left when I finally decided to buy, and it had a huge black “birthmark” on one of the shells. So I ordered online, hoping I’d get an unscathed one. No such luck. Then I persisted and purchased from a store, owing the kind SA who looked through the bunch for me and picked a winner.  (Thank you to my ever patient, amazing staff in San Antonio, TX and Kierland Commons Anthro in Scottsdale, AZ. My saga is over thanks to all of you.) I highly recommend this necklace, seashell abnormalities aside. It’s lovely, and different, and cool.

What are your thoughts on the new arrivals? Favorites?

I’m ever a listening Anthro ear.

xoxo Molly




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32 Responses to Puddle of Drool – New Arrivals Edition

  1. DrewToo

    This color combo is brilliant! So pleasing to the eye. Don't be mad when I copy you ;)

  2. I love all your picks!! Especially the map chairs and the polka dot blouse!

    You look fantastic and I love the clever mixing of colors.

  3. I love all your picks! I am loving the give than gather dress, but it is super similar to the cabana chemise (which is amazing, btw) that I own. Those necklaces are taunting me! Shows us what you got! :) Hope they are some of those amazing shoes…

    • I'll post what I got this weekend, hopefully. Can't wait to show ya! Ooh, yes…that cabana chemise is totally awesome! Sadly, I don't have that stripey number in my closet so I'll have to stock the give and gather and hope it "gives" me love!

  4. tulip219

    The second I saw the Geography Chairs in your post I had to tab over to Anthro's site to look at them for myself. My 7 1/2-year-old would *love* these! He's a map fanatic! And I love their quirkiness. However, the price I don't love so much. You're so creative, Molly…any ideas on a DIY project for chairs like these?

  5. Sarah

    Molly, I am looking to buy just one beautiful necklace from anthro- I don’t wear a ton of jewelry- is there a particular one you’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of lately? I just love your color pairings!

    • Oh dear…having to single out one necklace as the best choice is like choosing one of my own children to be the "favorite"!! Well, out of the current offerings, and considering you don't own many pieces already, I suggest you go with something a bit more versatile/neutral. I would say the Rotary Dial has been quite versatile. Especially in the yellow, since yellow goes with everything!! If that one seems a bit too chunky/heavy for you, try to locate the Celadon Shapes Necklace (still available in stores: http://www.anthropologie.com/anthro/product/jewel… That one is so gorgeous, lightweight, and goes with everything. I good piece to put your toe in the water of beautiful necklaces. :)

  6. THOSE GEOGRAPHY CHAIRS. I died a little when I spotted those yesterday. Too amazing.

  7. Lauren

    What a great selection! I'm guessing you might have picked up the bib necklace or column dress, but I too have been eyeing off the La Jolla necklace so would love to know what you think of it. I certainly think there are some new arrivals I will have to have – my friend and I are already arguing over who gets to have the Gait & Gallop and Native Birds dresses!

    • That column dress….oh dear, I wish. Wasn't in store when I was there…but it is now! Trying it on tomorrow (on hold in hold closet!) If I see the La Jolla Necklace there, I'll be sure to review it for you and snap a pic if I can. The native birds dress is gonna sell like hotcakes. If only it had straps. Or sleeves….what is with Anthro and all the strapless business?

  8. Ah, look at those shoes! I especially love the yellow mary janes. The polka dot blouse is beautiful and the chairs are fabulous. Im with tulip219 – fingers are crossed for a DIY geography chair tutorial:)

    • Oh boy…I feel so inspired on the geography chair front. Stay tuned…hope to be trying my hand at it soon. I'm dying over those mary janes too. That limoncello color mixed with tan has me all in a tizzy!

  9. The melisande tank is on my wishlist. It does run big…here is a review of it and some other pieces in case anyone is interested!

    Jeannie :)

  10. tls63

    Looked at the new arrivals just now- LOVE the Native Birds dress and the Animal Kingdom blouse! So awesome. Thanks for sharing your outfit and picks!

    • If only the native bird dress had straps. Or sleeves….throw us a bone, Anthro! Enough with the strapless frocks!

      • tls63

        AMEN! I had to pass on the Lepidoptera for the same reasons, but I love the bird print, too. The top (animal kingdom blouse) after much staring, zooming and drooling, I realized is SHEER! You can totally see the model's bra through it. So mad! Is a lining too much to ask, it gets old wearing something under everything.

        BTW, you're so awesome for replying to everyone's comments- you're amazing! It makes me want to comment more- love hearing back from you!

  11. Jaime

    I love the first dress and the Yuzu heels and the peter pan collared shirt. So cute.

    • The Yuzu Heels are so def at the top of my wishlist. Dying for them. And I cry a little inside every night I don't have that peter-pan collared blouse! TDF.

  12. Jyll

    I am going to recreate those geography chairs! Any tips?

  13. Lauren

    Thanks Molly, it’s much appreciated – yes, I totally agree with you about the strapless thing. I already have a few beautiful print dresses from Anthro, but as they’re strapless, they just don’t get enough wear. Would buy the Native Birds dress straightaway if it had proper straps – at least I can get it in a top version!

  14. That dotty jacquard top and those wingtips…lawd have mercy!

  15. Jessica

    Ooh I really like the Give then Gathered dress in stripes! I saw the solid version on Roxy's blog and thought it was nice, but in stripes it's even better.
    I think you'd get a ton of use out of any of the shoes, but my vote is for the Yuzu Mary Janes, and for clothes, the Polka Dot Swing Blouse. :)

    • I double heart the Yuzu's, but I do believe I'll be waiting for sale with the reviews talking about buckling leather and other quality issues. I tried on the Given and Gathered in stripes, and though it's super soft and easy throw-on style is lovely, the cut on the shoulders made me look like a line-backer and the waist drop was too low. It was all sorts of bad on me!

  16. Melody

    I just had to have the "sea spikes" necklace too – I recently paired with the Palma Dress and it was a perfect match! :)

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