Queen of Your Closet Series: Bible of Neon

Perhaps you’re all plain sick of reading about neon this season? Perhaps not. Those who have not jumped on the neon train must have their reasons. I have only slightly, mildly, jumped on the train.


Because I believe you definitely can have too much of a good thing, that is, if the thing you’re doing is intense. If you wear neon ALL the time, you’re going to get a rep, and perhaps not necessarily a good one.

Unless you do it right.


Wearing: Skirt-J.Crew Double Seamed Wool No.2 Pencil Skirt in Neon Azalea, Top-Anthropologie Lemon Liftoff Blouse , Belt-Anthropologie High Gloss Belt, Shoes-Anthropologie Tegu Platforms, Bracelet- Banana Republic

Here’s the Anthromollogies Bible of Neon.

1.  Don’t own too many pieces of neon that are the “main event” in your outfit. Only buy one skirt (or shorts/pants); one top; one pair of shoes. Then make yourself stop. If not, you’ll get a rep of being the crazy lady in neon all the time.

2.  Consider neon to be like an awesome, but really LOUD child, who won’t stop screaming. Temper the neon….stop the screaming….with calm neutrals.

3. Pops of neutral can be powerful. If you don’t own a main event and prefer to keep it that way, carry on. I mean literally, carry neon…like a purse piped in neon or a clutch. Dot the ears with neon, or perhaps you’re more of a necklace freak. A neon belt? YES. Love it. Go for it.

4. If you think neon looks horrid next to your face (I’m in that camp) because it makes you glow like a radioactive turnip, then don’t wear neon by your face.  Do a belt, do a skirt, or perhaps neon straps on a pair of sandals. Don’t oust neon for it’s power, rather, learn to harness it elsewhere.

5. Edit. You must be an editing queen when wearing neon. Neon earrings with a neon skirt, with a necklace, with a skirt….Yikes! Don’t do it!  You’ll start looking like a casino. Refer to #3- if you have a main event neon, make sure you accessorize with neutrals. Especially when you go bold with a print on top.

Examples of awesome neon accessories: here, here, here, and here.

Neon-on, friends.

xoxo Molly




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17 Responses to Queen of Your Closet Series: Bible of Neon

  1. I want that neon skirt girl!! So great. And thank you for showing me another color pairing I would have NEVER thought of but I absolutely adore…yellow and hot pink anyone?!!


  2. Kristine

    I just have to tell you how fabulous this is! I am totally avoiding neon because of how overkill it has been on various blogs and stores. But wow, you’ve got me thinking twice. You are a genius! :)

  3. Perfect pairings as usual and great rules to follow on how to tame the neon trend :)

  4. so cute! I don't own any neon yet but now you've got me thinking I need to pick up some cute accessories.

  5. I think I need a neon twelve step program 'cause I looooove it! I've got my eye on one or two more things and then I'll stop with the neon…I think:)

    You look fab!

    • You are hilarious! Step 1: admit you are powerless over neon, that our closet has become unmanageable. Step 2….. (hehe) Perhaps neon flowers could be your fix? So excited for your new business!! And I saw that mobile camper on your pinterest….don't think I didn't see that coolness! What a GREAT idea for a mobile flower shop!! Dream big, lady! Make it happen!

  6. Looove this. I was Team Pastel all spring but as soon as summer hit it was all about the neon. Really helpful tips!!

  7. I own both of these pieces and now I must steal this look!
    Radioactive turnip…you're so funny!
    Jeannie http://www.colorfulcorporate.blogspot.com

  8. Carmen

    Molly I have a question. I am going to wear a spin on your look (although I am also going to uh hum "borrow"your look bc I own the skirt and the owl top!)

    I am going to do the skirt with the Charlotte Taylor Juggling Geisha Girls top which is sleeveless, ties at the neck and is a light grey with yellow figures on it. What color cardigan would you go with to complement the pink neon and yellow and I prefer not black.


    • Carmen- I just emailed you with some suggestions. But I think the grayish/blue base in the Juggling figures top is somewhat of a challenge with the intense neon below. Of course, a camel colored cardi or gold hued would be a great neutral, however not as exciting as adding another color. I liked navy and dark green best. The key here is to marry the navy or the green with your shoes so the outfit looks like it "goes". Have fun! And I'm super glad you want to "borrow" the Lemon Liftoff look. Go for it!

  9. Carmen

    Thanks Molly!

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