3 Degrees of Orange

Who here’s a fan of playing the 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon? My sister-in-law is liken unto an idiot savant at the game. For reals.  She never misses.

But guess what?

I’m only 2 degrees from Kevin Bacon.

No lie.

I can’t tell you how, cause then I’d be breaking an anonymity clause from a treatment center I used to work at (and my conscience couldn’t take that), but I swear-on the Anthropologie Bible-that I’m tellin’ the truth.

Speaking of degrees….I realized this past week that I was all about oranges, in 3 varying degrees. Check it out:


Wearing: Skirt- Anthropologie Shifting Buttons, Blouse- Anthropologie Nicoleta, Necklace- J.Crew Monotone Beaded Necklace, Shoes- J.Crew Factory Bow Patent Ballet Flats


Wearing: Top- J.Crew Factory, Shorts- Anthropologie by Sanctuary, Shoes- Dolce Vita, Necklace- Anthropologie


Wearing: Jeans- Anthropologie AG Stevie Pin Dot, Top- Anthropologie, Cardigan – J.Crew Ethereal Ruffle, Necklace – Anthropologie Rotary Dial, Shoes- Sam Edelman

Unfortunately, dressing this way did not get me any closer to Kevin Bacon. Bummer.  Cause that guy can dance.

Anyone else care to claim Kevin Bacon relation?

xoxo Molly

P.S. Have you seen these coral babies? I die. Rachel Zoe style.

Double P.S. Any of you own the Roe Habitat Blouse by Anna Sui? I never tried it on because I was large with honey-baked-ham Mr. Banks at the time, but I love the print. The reviews seem confusing. Any thoughts?


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17 Responses to 3 Degrees of Orange

  1. Love these looks! You always come up with such great ways to use bold colors.

  2. What I wouldn't give for your closet and shoes….and while we are wishing your body…cause the closet and shoes would not do much if they did not fit! Orange is my favorite color so clearly I am a fan of all the degrees! Lovely as ever!

    • Abby, I think you should move in with me. If I could hear nice things like this said to me everyday ain't nothin' gonna get me down!! You're the greatest. Thank you.

  3. SO many cute looks in one post–amazing! You are looking fab! Did you see the AG polka dot shorts online now? LOVE!!!

  4. JennyK

    I own the Roe Habitat and found it to be TTS for me… I love it!

  5. yvonne

    I have the Roe Habitat Blouse and love it. I usually wear a size 0 and feel it is true to size…if not a smidgen big. Yes, it is a tad short, but I'm short waisted and it is absolutely fine. I've never worn anything underneath and haven't exposed myself to anyone!

    • Thanks for weighing in, Yvonne! I'm picturing it with many different skinny jeans and pencil skirts. I just love the print and interesting color combination it has going on.

  6. Jenn

    Great tourists as usual, but what brought up the toe habitat as it is an older piece? I thinkit uninteresting but not sure about that peplum fit I have a hard time with those,

    • Thanks, Jenn! Ah, well, as usual I was perusing ebay over an early breakfast and saw the Roe again. I love the print. I love the colors, the the Roe does not have a peplum. It's more of a empire waist top, billowing out from the seam. I think that had a lot of ladies not giving it 2 thumbs up.

  7. Great outfits, Molly! You are the color queen!!! I'm lovin' those polka dot stevies.

  8. Oh yes…the only thing that saves me from dying of jealousy on the spot is that I wore some comforting bright oranges early this week, and found a great cropped orange cardigan for 10$ at urban tonight! Now if I could only finagle some coral/orange shoes and those spectacular polka-dotted stevies…I would be in heaven!!

  9. Jyll

    I love the Roe top. Fits TTS in my post partum body. I can wear a 6-8 depending and i own this in the 8, but could size down. It is tightest at that band that sits just at bottom of ribcage. I wear it with a cardigan to tame the bottom if needed depending on what skirt i pair it with. Looks awesome with various shades or orange and turquoise. One of my faves!

  10. Jessica

    Quite fun on the Kevin Bacon reference, I certainly wouldn't want you to break your word just for our curiosity. It's more fun to imagine anyway…
    I like how your shoes match your top in each outfit. I've been on a yellow kick for awhile–I want yellow on everything! Clothes, home decor/paint colors–specifically lemongrass, with a hint of green. I think it's so pretty. :)

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