Considered Vintage

I’ve had a depressing epiphany as of late, ladies.

I’m vintage, like as in old.

Take this Etsy listing as a sort of Exhibit ‘A’ if you will:

Is it bad that I want to know how old the seller of this dress is? Cause I’m pretty sure she was born in the 90’s, and thinks if you were born before her, you’re vintage.

Since when is the decade of my youth considered vintage?  She’s technically wrong, you know.  Because I have it on good authority that clothing is only technically considered “vintage” if it hails from 1920 to 1960.

Some people think that since we’re past the year 2010, 80’s clothing can now be considered vintage.  Hmm….I’m not convinced. What do y’all think?

Vintage or not, I got my faux 80’s on the other day…

Wearing: Top-J.Crew Tippi in Heart Print Crepe, Pants-Anthropologie Patch Pocket Trousers, Necklace-Anthropologie Colorblocked Strands Necklace, Shoes- J.Crew Factory CeCe Studded Suede Ballet Flats

…with a recently acquired uniformed heart print nonetheless.  Paired with a modern, slim, cuffed pant, statement necklace, and textured ballet flats…it felt fresh. And fun.

And bottom line here…FASHION SHOULD BE FUN. Right?

If any of you are as depressed as I am by this 80’s epiphany, I suggest drowning your sadness in creamy bliss….Blue Bell’s Key Lime Pie.

Insider’s Tip: Buy stock in this flavor ASAP, cause the amount I buy alone in 3 months will make you rich. Very rich.

It’s seriously off the chain. Can I say that, I mean, being vintage and all?

Well, I’m going to.  It’s insane how good it is.  There are PIE CRUST CHUNKS IN IT.  Pie. Crust. Chunks. In it.

For the love!

Not to depress you yet again, but ….. Blue Bell only sells this flavor during the summer months. Then they yank it off the shelves. That’s it. Done. Gone. Bye bye.

So Cruel.

I’m left shaking and jumpy like a tweaker in drug rehab.

If you’re lucky to live in one of the 20 states where Blue Bell is sold, I suggest you run….nay, sprint, to your nearest store.

But if you cross a short-haired red head dressed in Anthro on the way to the freezer section, and you have the last 1/2 gallon in hand, it might get ugly.

Just sayin’. :)

xoxo Molly


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20 Responses to Considered Vintage

  1. DrewToo

    OMG I need the ice cream! I super big puffy heart adore Key Lime anything and would surely eat the entire pint hidden in a closet one day so as to hide my shame-and not have to share! I hope I can find it in my state!

  2. kristine

    The vintage commentary had me laughing! I have often wondered if there was a standard period of time that was considered vintage, so thanks for the clarification. :) You look fabulous in the heart tippi– I was wondering if you think it is sheer? I had this on my wishlist until I kept reading reviews that would comment on the thinness of the material. But on you, it doesn't seem to be. Many thanks for your opinion!
    p.s. I need some key lime STAT!!

  3. AJ

    Molly, how much do I adore you? :)

    (in a completely non-stalkerish way)

    I love your blog and your vintage commentary is hilarious. No way are we old enough to be “vintage” – although I do believe I saw the original Cabbage Patch Dolls marketed as “classics” not so long ago…

    Keep the glorious outfits and fun posts coming! You always brighten my day!!!

    • AJ, you are so darling. Thank you for your comment! I'm so glad you are enjoying what I have to say…stalkerish or nonstalkerish. I'm okay with it! Dude, no….not Cabbage Patch Dolls too?!?! Classics? Geesh. Now I'm depressed. Oh well, better go eat some Key Lime.

  4. I'm not keen on the 80s being considered vintage now. It's not *that* long ago! I definitely like how you're doing the 80s.

    Mmm, key lime pie ice cream. I could go for some of that right now. Or any ice cream, for that matter.

  5. Guest

    So funny, considering how young you are. In the rag trade, vintage is on a rolling basis: at least 25 years old. Same for classic cars, although it is hard to believe. The real question is, can you wear it a second time around? I say yes, if it suits.

    On to finding the key lime asap.

    • In all my years, I don't ever think I've heard the expression "rag trade". I just had to google it just now. Thank you for the new expression. I shall throw it around in conversation now and pretend I've LONG known what it meant. I really think 25 years is not enough time. The rag trade should seriously rethink their parameters. I don't think 25 years is enough distance to get over and come back to triangular leather crotches on Guess jeans (yes, my sis owned a pair) and capri rompers with ELASTIC on the bottom. (cringe!)

      • Guest

        No way, not leather crotches!!! Well, what would life be if we couldn't look back at our sartorial choices and cringe? Boring. And we do need something to tease our family about.

        Looking back at the 80s, there were so many different styles people wore: not just Madonna and Dallas. I remember bright colored pants, dropped waists, and those Japanese designers! And for the under 20s all that is new. Hasn't Urban Outfitters been reissuing all the thrift store finds all along: elastic rompers and such?

  6. tls63

    Love your outfit! I agree about the "vintage" comments. We have an old truck that was manufactured in my birth year and my husband likes to tell the kids that the truck is as old as mommy. They always say "Wow! That's old!" Makes you feel good, right!

    And LOVE Blue Bell! I grew up in TX with it and totally miss it now! We went back to visit a couple of years ago and we HAD to tour the factory- it's pretty cool! Nothing beats Blue Bell ice cream- seriously so good!

    • Thanks, Tamara! Oh man, my husband would be in trouble on the double if he strung together the words "as old as" in front of my name! I've been wanting to take the Blue Bell tour…..just haven't gotten out there yet! Where did you grow up?

  7. Cindy

    It's funny how even though so much can change, many things stay the same, I guess they're classics in that way. Always love old looks with updated flair. Thanks for the fun read.

  8. I too find myself lamenting that "vintage" refers to a decade of my youth and I get frustrated that the "oldies" radio station now plays music from the 90s. How is that "old?!"

    You look so cute and I love the bright pants with the subtle heart top. Thank you also for your kind congratulations on my blog regarding my pregnancy! It made my day. :)

  9. What a cute top! Love it. I will have to try that ice cream. Key lime is my most favorite pie, so I'm sure it will be a hit:)

  10. Melody

    You are right about the "vintage" term! I love your colour stylings Molly – you rock! You must try Ciao Bella's Key Lime Graham gelato (but my favourite is their key lime gelato squares!!). :) Soooo good! :)

    • Umm…Yum! I'll eat anything with a hint of key lime in it. Reading the word Gelato made me twitch uncontrollably. I think I need some. Thanks so much for the comment, Melody!

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