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Flex Your Styling Muscle Series: How to Wear Floral Wedges, for Kristina


I’m behind on styling requests.  Please don’t hate me, ladies.  No throwing dog poop at my door.  I’m so sorry.  I will get to all of them, I promise.

Kristina emailed me forever ago and asked how she could properly showcase her awesome new fabric wedges from El Gap-o.



These are great kicks.  Van Gogh would SO dig these.

Good news, Kristina.  These wedges will rock just about any way you wear them, with one caveat.  When rockin’ a pair of patterned shoes, in my opinion, it is best to pair them with lower half raiments that bare what you have going on from the ankle on down.  I mean, why wear perfectly patterned shoes on your feet and make the mistake of hiding them in a long maxi skirt or wide leg jeans, right?

You’ve definitely picked the right shoe for summer. First, they’re sandals-for smart breezy summer footwear.  Second, they’re floral.  Not only are floral shoes completely on trend, summer is also the time of year wear the hemlines typically rise, leaving your ankle to your toes wide open for viewing. Third, they’re wedge-tastic, the perfect lift you need to flatter your gams and glutes that have been uncloaked for the summer. So pat yourself on the back, girlfriend.

Ready to play?

Set 1: Colored Denim


This set proves how gloriously patterned denim accompanies these floral wedges. If your ankle-length patterned denim is a bit long on the ankle, cuff ‘em. Or do yourself a favor and alter them to the correct length so you can see the bare ankle bone.  Really ANY colored denim you could think of would look fantastic with this shoe since it’s got all of the ROYGBIV colors going on.  Just don’t overdue it on the top.  Nothing too fussy or frilly or too patterned since you want your feet to be the show stealers.

Set 2: Summer Shorts

This set shows how tremendous wedges are with shorts. It’s important to note here that the shorts you choose shouldn’t have serious pattern going on. Subtle is the word to live by with pattern. Marry the colors you choose with accessories for a most cohesive look. Note: the earrings in both sets marry the shirt colors, and both shirt colors can be found in the shoe.

Set 3: Casual Dresses

Casual Dresses that hit at the knee or a little below are also the bomb with wedgelings. Your legs will thank you when your calves look like forbidden fruit!  Sure, you could wear both these dresses without accessories, but to make the shoe seem made for your outfit, marry the accessories color choices to your shoe and to each other.

Set 4: With Pastel Base/Midi-Length Skirt

The color and print in these particular wedges reign supreme because of the versatility. You’ve seen lots of bold color so far….here’s a softer pastel base in rose pink paired with softer toned tops. The skirt has enough texture through the pleating and visual interest with the paperbag waist that it almost acts as a pattern in the outfit.  Uncomplicated accessories complete the look.

Set 5: Patterned Pairings

Lastly, wanted to show you that if you do indeed choose pattern to wear with these floral wedgebabies, be aware that you’ve two talented performers on stage at once.  Tread lightly on the selections in your outfit. And remember, “you don’t have to match (exactly), you just have to go” is the mantra of an interesting outfit….(thank you, Stacey and Clinton.)

So Kristina, I hope this has filled your floral wedge-wearin’ fuel tank.  These were a blast to style.  Thanks so much for your request!  And I would LOVE to see your interpretation of one these sets in action….

Ladies, do you floral wedge it?

xoxo Molly



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