Single White Neck

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, than you’re fully aware of the fact that I happen to be a necklace fan.

A huge necklace fan.

I could place an add that goes something like this:

Single White Neck….lookin’ for love. (hehe).

In my last post, I detailed Pam Hiran’s incredible necklace handiwork. I am half giraffe-bred myself it seems, sporting neck real estate that begs for occupation.Who better to provide deserving occupants for my neck than Pammy?

Remember that necklace I wanted to rip right off the the S.A? Don’t worry. No felonies were committed. I just bought the darn thing myself.

Pam Hiran: 2 / Molly: 0


Wearing: Top-Anthropologie Lunar Cycles, Pants-Anthro AG Stevie Ankle, Necklace-Anthropologie Kuychi Necklace, Watch- Fossil, Shoes-Seychelles (6 yrs old)

It’s so awesome.  If you’ve been thinking about possibly pulling the trigger on this one, I’d do it.  My store had sold out of it completely, so they had to order this one for me from another store.

The above outfit photo was taken the night I popped by Anthro with a friend in-the-market for new tops and accessories.  We found her some mighty treasures, and I may have even talked her into a pair of blue AG Stevie Ankles…(Jen, they look slammin’ on you!!)

Yesterday for church I pulled out a “vintage Anthro” skirt and necklace, both of which I don’t know the name. If you’re an undercover Anthro-ninja and can place the names, I’d much appreciate it if you piped up!

Wearing: Top-Anthropologie First Hint Blouse, Skirt-Anthropologie by Odille, Belt-Anthropologie, Shoes-Anthropologie Mixed Media Heels , Necklace- Anthropologie (name?)

I actually scored this skirt on Ebay and loved it so much I hunted the deep teal colored version of it on Ebay and bought that one too. I am a believer of buying multiples whenever an item is versatile, flattering, and just plain fun to wear.  This is like a really tame version of a square dance skirt or something. I love the swishing action.  Makes me feel so feminine.

What Anthro item in your closet is turning up the feminine for you lately?

xoxo Molly

P.S. Tomorrow: Flex Your Styling Muscle Series for Kristina: floral wedges!


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12 Responses to Single White Neck

  1. LoveYellow

    I love your swishy yellow skirt Molly…you put together the best outfits!

  2. Molly, I'm being really serious now so tune in: how is it that you're not working for Anthro already?!!

    Your outfits are the bomb, you're on your way to creating an anthro store in your home, and honestly, one of the best personalities/sense of humor I have ever come across.

    So please, put me at ease already and go be a great stylist/artist pronto :)

    • Haha, you're right on Dea! Molly your outfits make me rethink so many items. You are an amazing outfit assembler, and if you were a PS at my Anthro I'd be soooooo broke because I would buy everything you told me to.

      • I would SO love to help you go broke…er…I mean, no…that came out wrong. I'd love to be a PS at your Anthro. Because, well, that would put me living in NYC, which puts me in close proximity to…what is it now….SIX Anthros?!?! Good grief. It's like a fairy tale. My fairy tale. "….and she visited those same 6 Anthropologies every week, and lived happily ever after."
        Glad I could return the favor…."helping you" rethink items. Because of you…the Sea Splinters necklace came home with me. As did the Palma Dress. And the Gathering Blossoms Top….and the…..I could go on and on. So back atcha, woman!

    • Dea, you are seriously the sweetest. You really know how to make a girl's day. Thank you. So much. Just as soon as Mr. Banks hits full-day Kindergarten (the thought of which makes me want to ugly cry), I'll be sleeping in front of the Anthro store with a sign on me that reads: Will work for discount. Cause let's be honest here, I might break even working for them with a discount? Seriously though, it would be such an inspiring honor to work for them.
      I was just thinking the other day how lucky YOUR coworkers are when i was reading about work trips, projects you have going on, emails, etc…because you can tell how sincere and thoroughly thoughtful you are in everything you do. Perhaps I'll be lucky enough to cross your path for reals in NC? Now THAT would be super cool.

  3. Wendy

    I have to say, I’m feeling pretty feminine in the Flared Caraz Dress. I am still shaking from paying full price for it, but it already sold out in my size @ full price anyway! Love it with practically everything in my closet :)

  4. I just bought this necklace because of this post!! I saw it over the weekend and fell in love with it but didn't buy it. And then I kept thinking about it and how pretty it was and I was regretting not getting it, especially since it was the last one. And then I read your post and saw how cute you styled it. So I quickly called the store and they still had it. So yes, I own it now and love it so much. Love your blog and your cute outfits and cute writing. I'm a big fan!!

  5. Both of these outfits are so gorgeous! I agree with Dea and Roxy that you have an eye for pairing Anthro pieces and making them look fresh, exciting, and sophisticated! I've felt less enamored of recent Anthro collections but now I'm wondering if it is because I'm not harnessing enough of my own creativity? At any rate, your outfits are inspiring.

    • thanks so much, Jess! That was so lovely of you to say. Some days are more creative than others, right? You're busy being creative….your bod's creating the best masterpiece yet right now!! I think it was hard for me to feel creative in that in-between stage of where I wasn't obviously "showing" yet but all my regular clothes were uncomfortably tight. But I loved dressing the belly. And the belly *forces* you to get creative with a lot of pieces….can't wait to see your work!

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