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Single White Neck

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, than you’re fully aware of the fact that I happen to be a necklace fan.

A huge necklace fan.

I could place an add that goes something like this:

Single White Neck….lookin’ for love. (hehe).

In my last post, I detailed Pam Hiran’s incredible necklace handiwork. I am half giraffe-bred myself it seems, sporting neck real estate that begs for occupation.Who better to provide deserving occupants for my neck than Pammy?

Remember that necklace I wanted to rip right off the the S.A? Don’t worry. No felonies were committed. I just bought the darn thing myself.

Pam Hiran: 2 / Molly: 0


Wearing: Top-Anthropologie Lunar Cycles, Pants-Anthro AG Stevie Ankle, Necklace-Anthropologie Kuychi Necklace, Watch- Fossil, Shoes-Seychelles (6 yrs old)

It’s so awesome.  If you’ve been thinking about possibly pulling the trigger on this one, I’d do it.  My store had sold out of it completely, so they had to order this one for me from another store.

The above outfit photo was taken the night I popped by Anthro with a friend in-the-market for new tops and accessories.  We found her some mighty treasures, and I may have even talked her into a pair of blue AG Stevie Ankles…(Jen, they look slammin’ on you!!)

Yesterday for church I pulled out a “vintage Anthro” skirt and necklace, both of which I don’t know the name. If you’re an undercover Anthro-ninja and can place the names, I’d much appreciate it if you piped up!

Wearing: Top-Anthropologie First Hint Blouse, Skirt-Anthropologie by Odille, Belt-Anthropologie, Shoes-Anthropologie Mixed Media Heels , Necklace- Anthropologie (name?)

I actually scored this skirt on Ebay and loved it so much I hunted the deep teal colored version of it on Ebay and bought that one too. I am a believer of buying multiples whenever an item is versatile, flattering, and just plain fun to wear.  This is like a really tame version of a square dance skirt or something. I love the swishing action.  Makes me feel so feminine.

What Anthro item in your closet is turning up the feminine for you lately?

xoxo Molly

P.S. Tomorrow: Flex Your Styling Muscle Series for Kristina: floral wedges!


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