Visionary Mash-up

I’m in all kinds of love with this skirt. In my opinion, it’s a perfect mash-up between modern design and vintage heritage. The sharp, angled pattern on the skirt+ colors = modern. Knife pleating + to-the-floor length = vintage.

Modern and vintage just mushed all together making beautiful, visionary harmony.

Wearing: Skirt – Anthropologie Field of Vision Skirt, Top-Target, Necklace Anthropologie Rotary Dial Necklace, Belt-Ann Taylor (old!), Shoes-DV Dolce Vita Archer

Good thing I had it to slip into yesterday; the re-entry from beach vedging can be harsh and cruel….never hurts to deaden the pain of doing umpteen loads of laundry with flowy goodness such as this skirt.

I thought I might have several brilliant epiphanies while wearing this skirt, what with the name being “Field of Vision” and all, but all I came up with was that I needed to get myself to an Anthro, A.S.A.P., to scope out sale markdowns last night (a tactic also quite effective at deadening re-entry pain).

And what a sale it was, right? Wow. Zers.   I’m interested to know what you all snagged.

You tell me yours and I’ll tell you mine.

xoxo Molly


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9 Responses to Visionary Mash-up

  1. JanRussell

    You will not be impressed. I bought one pair of measly earrings. Mostly because I bought a million other things last sale, and none of them got second cuts – boo! Restraining myself does not come easily, especially when there is a free shipping promo just begging to be taken advantage of. But enough pouting from me, on to the good stuff – like that skirt and the fun belt you paired with it – clever girl! Love it! You are beautiful and the laundry room is so not worthy – glad you got out of there long enough to hit the sale! Can't wait to hear what you picked up!

  2. I love this cute skirt paired with the stripes up top….so fun! You nailed it! Welcome back from vacay…it's always a little painful re-entering real life. And I certainly found a few goodies this morning on sale…picked up the Tried & True top in red and green (perfect spring/summer/fall casual top), the Terra Deco drop earrings, the primary colored Pieced Prism Necklace, and the cute Twinkle Bands Top. Score! Can't wait to hear what you picked up!

  3. Mine is….if I could I would spend a pretty penny there…but alas, not the stage of life I am right now. But no worries…retail therapy is almost as effective when I get to watch other people do it:)

  4. Lauren

    The Field of Vision skirt looks fab on you – I’m sad I can’t wear mine as it’s too chilly here. I didn’t actually buy anything for me (am saving for a couple of full price purchases) but I bought the Cotillion flats and Merrily wedges for a friend who’s on holiday in London who couldn’t get onto the US website. Hopefully that will satisfy my sale urges!

  5. Lovely! How do you like the rotary necklace? I love it in green, but being 2 hrs from an Anthro (gasp! horrors!) I have yet to see it. Worth full price?!
    I picked up the Tilly cardigan on 2nd cut in the olive, the grey/white striped sleeveless cowlneck and the purple striped petal window tee. I also got the ombre crush tote in the blue for the beach. I hope it will work! I had to toss my 8 year old j.crew beach bag last weekend. It was semi-traumatic. While I do not have an anthro, I do have a beach near me…so I should probably use it!

  6. I'm going to have to give that skirt another look, you look fab in it!____I didn't get anything during the tag sale but ordered the Jack Rogers pink sandals and Rosegold ikat sandals online. And I need to get to a store this month because there are a bunch of new releases I've been eyeballing!

  7. tls63

    Love the outfit! And yes, maxi skirts make everything better. It brings the laid-back beachy vibe with you. I feel like a laid-back celebrity vacationing in Hawaii when I wear mine (just a plain black flowy one) because of the swishy-ness around my feet! Love it! I picked up a Colorblocked Strands Necklace yesterday for $9.95! I wanted both, but could only find the pink/orange one after calling soooo many stores. Oh well. It was a really awesome sale for sure.

  8. Jessica

    Ooooh, that necklace picks up that chartreuse-yellow perfectly! I got the Ochre Vines blouse, a Plait the Waist belt that I finally found for $9.99 (!), and 12 Precious Feast place mats I've been wanting forever for $4.95 each. I'm pretty excited about them! I can't wait to have friends over to set the table properly with them. :)

    • All fantastic selections, Jessica! I love the Ochre Vines Blouse…but alas, too short on my torso…., a sad little tune I have to sing too often when trying on tops. Boo! That belt is gorgeous! Love the ribbons of shimmer. I think you should have a house party with your new place mats. So fun!

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