That Dog Simply Won’t Hunt.

I am a huge fan of idioms.  Being a current resident of Texas, I hear them a lot. I am immensely enjoying Southerners’ ease in their abundant use of idioms. It cracks me right up.

So it was an idiom that popped into my head as I walked into Anthropologie on Tuesday afternoon, braving a downpour, with the Baby Bankster and #3 in tow….all in the name of the Tag Sale.

A seasoned Tuesday-morning sale fanatic, I had done my home work.  I was going in for two price adjustments (YAY!).  That was all.

I wasn’t even going to look at new arrivals.

Turn a blind eye, I said to myself…a half-hearted pep talk really.

I perused the sale racks, hoping to find some $9.95 beauts, and instead found two items I had previously dismissed and a dress I hadn’t even noticed before.  Shocking, right? I mean, how does that happen when one such as myself visits every day? I’m perplexed.

As I turned towards the fitting rooms, there in front of me was this banded temptress, a top currently holding in the #1 spot on my wishlist.

Hmm, what was that again?  No looking at new arrivals? Turn a blind eye?

Well, that dog simply won’t hunt. (meaning)



Wearing: Top-Anthropologie Silk Road Mosaic Tee, Pants-Anthropologie AG Ankle Stevies, Necklace-Anthropologie, Shoes-Seychelles Keep You Guessin'

This top is super soft and comfy. I took a size Small. Sizing down for tall girls could be tricky since the banded hem could make a smaller size too short for the long-torsoed amongst us.

Previously Dismissed Items:

Anthropologie Nubby Striped Skirt - quite flattering and fun with the multi-directional stripage.

Diagonal Rays Pants - really flattering and ultra-long. Cut $100 in price. Nice.

Surprise Find:

Fan Cut Iberis Dress- Incognito dress found on the sale rack. Haven't decided if I'm keeping it. It's silk (love!) and flattering on the girls...a feat, when you're a 34-barely-B. (Thank you, 4 children.) But it's unlined and kind of a sleeper print. Undecided.

And an over the phone acquisition:

Field of Vision Skirt. Haven't ever tried this on, but it's been wishlisted for a while. Estimated on size and am crossing my fingers it fits, cause I dig this skirt. Great vibe.

How’s about it, ladies?  Do you own any of these items?

Anyone want to pipe up about the Fan-cut Iberis?

Or dogs not hunting? :)

xoxo Molly






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23 Responses to That Dog Simply Won’t Hunt.

  1. i went for the blooming whin shift dress… been loving for months. finally went on sale, but the back is pretty dramatic for day life. also had a dog don't hunt moment and picked up the "cropped denim jacket" in blue. the cropped back fit was really nice! love the picks, but if you aren't loving the dress, i'd vote return. BUT it could serve as a lovely backdrop to look that pumpkin cardi and some navy suede heels in fall :)

    • You always make the most amazing outfits with your picks. I remember seeing you in the Bloomin Whin dress in a dressing room. It really is a gorgeous piece… I'm thrilled to know I have cohorts in a dog won't hunt crime circle…thank you for picking up the Cropped Denim Jacket. You'll make magic with it for sure. Yes, the fan-cut Ibis dress is, I fear, heading back to the store this week. I have too many other lovelies on my wishlist begging for me to take them home.

  2. Adeline

    Great sale finds, Molly! I did the same thing on Tuesday, planned only to go in for one PA but nothing on my wishlist had gone on sale (items are still too new), so I told myself not to get sucked into the sale hype. But then, I saw the Field of Vision skirt sitting all my its lonesome in my size, and thought oh what the heck, can't hurt to just try it on and have a good laugh. Maxi dresses/skirts and I don't get along since I'm very petite, so I thought I was in no danger. I couldn't have been more wrong, as soon as I put on the Field of Vision skirt, it was LOVE. I had to fold the elastic band twice to get it the right length on me, but if I fold the band under the skirt, you can't see it on the outside and I still use a belt to hide it anyway. I don't think you'll be disappointed when you get the skirt, the colors and the design are beautiful. What convinced me to bring the skirt home with me is that it has such great movement when you walk! This is the first maxi skirt that has worked on my petite frame and I couldn't be happier :) Have a great Sunday!

    • Ooh! Fabulous! Thanks so much for piping up about the Field of Visions Skirt. So glad to know you're a fan! And SO glad you found a skirt that makes you feel so happy! I love when that happens. Here's hoping I have that same love and feelin' for it as you do!

  3. Alicia

    Would love to see some IRL pics of the dress and skirts! Would love to see how you will style them. Those elusive $9.95 racks makes me wish I lived a whole lot closer than 2hrs to an Anthro!

    • Will do….hopefully this week! If it makes you feel any better….there really wasn't anything for $9.95 worth talking about. Shapeless, solid knits that had been left untouched for months in the sale room. That's about it. 2 hours to an Anthro?! You know, any place my husband talks about moving, I first map it to the closest Anthro and then give him the thumbs up or thumbs down. No joke.

  4. bronzi522

    I'm waiting for a second cut on the Fan Cut Iberis dress. It's very cute but unblinded

    • Totally agreed. I've been staring at it for the last week while hanging in my closet, tags on…and I just feel it's not a keeper for $89. Second cut? I could get on that train.

      • bronzi522

        Same thing here. I looked at it hanging for a bit on the door and decided second cut. I've been stalking it. Hopefully this week:)Sent from my iPhone

  5. I love the pattern on the waist-band! such a pretty top- man, if I could waltz into an anthro any time I wanted my wishlists wouldn't last very long!

    • How far is it to an Anthro for you? I would say the top 3 wishlisted items always make it home with me before sale. Actually, I have several lists. One is titled "can't live without". Those items RARELY make it to sale before I purchase them. A girl's gotta live, right?!

      • heh…well, 6 blocks from where I work there's a gutted building with a sad drooping 'Anthropologie- Coming Soon' sign that hasn't changed since October 2011. Otherwise the closest is 6 hours away!

  6. I think the dress is lovely…and I am already daydreaming about all the fun things you could do to make it "Molliesque"…jewels, tights, leggings, scarves, belts, shoes…hey if they make the ladies look good I am all for it:)

    • The dress IS sincerely lovely, but I do think I could hold off til second cut for it. So back it goes. The cut-outs are quite cool. If you happen to spot one, I highly recommend trying it on!

  7. Lauren

    I have the Field of Vision skirt too and it is fantastic – I bought it when it was full price and definitely feel I got my money's worth. Looks great with a denim shirt and wedges!

  8. Tamslady

    Love the necklace you have on in photo……is it still available in store or online?

    • Hi there! The necklace is back from 2009, called the Danver Necklace. I'm sure there's some still floating around on ebay now and then? It's a fabulous necklace and I wear it a lot. Highly recommend. It has held up REALLY well too.

  9. JanRussell

    Ahh that top is in my order from the weekend – I might have to hunt the UPS man until it arrives ;) You look gorgeous!

  10. I tried on the fan-cut Iberis dress and loved the fit, but didn't think the print and colors were flattering enough for me to buy it. If it gets a great second cut, I might change my tune, but for now I'm saying no. Even with the (darling!) cut-outs.

    I didn't even look at the Silk Road top because I figured for the price it must be some icky fabric, but I just checked and it might be okay! Must investigate more closely…

  11. Cindy

    That top is so gorgeous! I could see it paired multiple ways. I think I may be finally (but late) arriving to the AG Stevies party. Suddenly am bored with neutral colored pants! heh. Thanks again for your help with the Chie ordering questions. I finally did it! but ordered through a US site which had an Iona colorway I really liked. Will keep you posted.

    • AnthroConSabor

      Hi Cindy, what is the US site that you ordered your chie's from?

      • Cindy

        I ord'd them from They had an Iona red/white colorway which was the one I ordered and also the more beige/gold one which is adorable too. Not a huge selection, but since I was after the Iona, I'm pretty excited!

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