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The Old Man is Snoring…

and I couldn’t be happier about it.  It’s been raining hard here this week. Pouring!  It’s like a dream come true.  I completely HEART the rain.   So when J.Crew was having it’s additional 30% off of sale items a few weeks ago, I spotted this lovely rain cover, knew it should be mine, and snagged this heartthrob of an umbrella for $11.

Wearing: Pants-J.Crew Cafe Capri, Top-J.Crew Outlet, Cardi-J.Crew Outlet Jackie, Belt-J.Crew, Shoes-Anthropologie Barbera Heels, Umbrella-J.Crew

Happy as I am about the rain, I’m even happier to peruse Anthro’s site and see the onslaught of New Arrivals at the beginning of each month.

I shall share with you a few items that have pressed my pretty button lately.  I’m not saying all or any of these will make it home with me, sale or no sale….I’m just saying, I noticed them…liked them…..deemed them pretty, and thought they deserved a few words praise and validation.

Oh….also, I’ll be adding a lot of new items to my Shop Anthromollogies page this weekend.  Drop by and take a look….perhaps something will suit your fancy?

Without further ado….bring on the pretty.

Orinoco Necklace

Congeries Necklace

Hot Plate Earrings

Perforated Loafers

Coiled Cobalt Wedges

Patch Pocket Pants in Pink (I have these pants already in "Bronze" and I love them. Fantastic lightweight ankle-pant for summer.)

Juggling Figures Silk Blouse

Take Flight Tank

Silk Road Mosaic Tee


Ribbed Chevron Maxi Dress (love the vibe and colorplay here).

Flared Anabelle Dress

Rosey Plumes Dress (not sure about the waistline on this, but I think the print looks like Lorax trees!)

Cannes Maillot

Older items still sitting around on my wishlist….waiting for sale.

Colorblocked Strands Necklace

Fairweather Plaid Buttondown

Tarn Necklace

Non-Anthro items:

J.Crew Jackie in Mint

J. Crew Tippi Sweater in Heart Print Crepe

Braided Wooden Sandal in Southern Turquoise

Kate Spade items that I’d give my liver for:

Tricolor Zahara Dress by Kate Spade

Striped Kerrigan Dress

The End.

What pretties have caught your eye lately?

xoxo Molly



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