Double-down DIY’s: Chandelier Explosion…and an Anthrofied Keyholder

So like many of you, I’ve been infected by Pinterest, and am like a rabid, wild animal hungry for more. Want. to. craft. all. the. time.  We recently purchased an IKEA swing for my daughter’s room, and the ropes that came with the wicker chair swing just stuck out like a sore thumb in her room.  I thought a little “Chandelier Explosion” would do nicely to cover up the unsightly black rope.  Something like this:


Pinterested DIY "Chandelier Explosion" via

I looked into buying some of those nifty tissue fans they used in the above example, and welp….I just didn’t want to fork over the cash to buy and ship ‘em.  So I decided to make my own fans out of paper instead. I did purchase mini tissue fans from Party City though.

My version of the Chandelier Explosion.

I used the Yarn Ball tutorial from here.  I got my craft on with my friend Dana to make the yarn balls. Have a plastic tarp handy…it’s messy stuff!

I fashioned a bunch of paper fans with 12 x 12 paper, made paper strip ball ornaments, wrapped yarn around whiffle balls I bought at the $1 store, and bought a few honeycomb tissue balls and mini tissue fans at Party City. Throw 'em all together and you have yourself a low budget "chandelier explosion".

I hung each ball/fan individually from the rope with fishing line instead of trying to connect them all first.  I could easily control the height of each item this way.  It’s a happy, colorful montage, this chandelier explosion, and my daughter totally loves it.  That’s all that really matters, right?

Another super simple DIY I did a while back but haven’t posted on is this easy Anthro key holder.  I bought the quirky owl and deer hooks with my birthday discount, way back in October.  I knew they’d never hit sale, so I was glad to get 15% off of them.  Next, I bought a naked oval wood plaque from Hobby Lobby on the cheap and spray painted it with Chalkboard paint.  Let dry, screw in Mr. Owl and Mr. Deer, attach a picture hanger on the back, and you’ve got yourself a unique little key holder.

DIY Anthro Key Holder

The bonus?  Since I used Chalkboard paint, I can write whatever I want on there and change it up again and again.

All those infected by Pinterest, what have you been a-makin’?  Any Anthrofied goodness you wish to share? I’m all ears.

xoxo MOlly



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11 Responses to Double-down DIY’s: Chandelier Explosion…and an Anthrofied Keyholder

  1. Deborah

    You are too much! Those are both fantastic looking!!!

    I think, once I move to WA I MIGHT endeavor to make a "chandelier explosion"! Im not very creative but…. I like!

    I love a jewelry seller on etsy called anthology27 and I decided that I was going to make jewelry JUST like hers and I bought a tone of stones and supplies—that are sitting beside my desk in the lovely box– I also bought– to hold them. It looks great! Im sure my guests think Im hella crafty lol. No jewelry made.

    What size balloons did you use?

    • hahahaha! Hey, you took the first step. Buying it all. Cut yourself some slack! You'll get to it. You'll be so happy up in Madigan that you'll be reinvigorated and reach for all your undone projects to complete! Right?!?! Balloons were normal size from party city. I just made sure not to blow them up to the point of distorting to an oval shape. I wanted more of a round look. I also tried to vary how much air went into each balloon so they weren't all the same size.

  2. Yes I've been infected! And we will be moving into a new home this summer so I can't wait to craft and sling paint everywhere! I love that hook rack!

    When I was little we used to use crochet thread to make those yarn balls (for Easter). All the tutorials I've seen use glue but we used liquid laundry starch. We would wrap the thread around the balloon and dip the whole thing in to a giant bowl of starch, then let dry. I don't know if it would work with yarn, but it definitely works with thread and seems like it might be a little less messy. I've thought about doing a chandelier explosion in baby's room too but can't decide on a theme or whether there should be a function.

    • Oooh! So exciting for you! New home…ahhh, the possibilities! I think your method with starch might be better. This took A LOT of glue, and some of the balls didn't make it….collapsed. Luckily I had planned ahead for quality control and had enough! I think you should totally do one of these! If I were doing a more masculine one, I might try suspending hot air ballons or toy airplanes in the mix. That would be kinda cool! Best of luck to you!

  3. margie

    I love the chandelier explosion! You are just too creative and crafty. I never would have thought to do that- it looks great!

  4. The chandelier project looks exactly like the Anthro photo.WOW! You are good girl. I am very impressed. I haven't been into pininterest too much, I am afriad I'd never get anything else done I'd be on there too much!!

    • Molly, great name, by the way!! Yes, Pinterest is a slippery slope. Thankfully I have other priorities that MAKE ME have a time limit. When my kids are all school age and leave me home alone all day, it could get ugly. hehe! Thanks for the comment! You should totally try one of these…

  5. jenn

    looks great! we recently made one of these chandelier explosions in my daughters room right over her new "big girl bed" and i love it, such a unique piece. i am the same as you i have to make something everyday! no outfit post today??!!

    • So glad you made your own "chandelier" as well. I about kicked my daughter out of her room cause I wanted to lay up there and stare at it all night! So cute! Some days, …. I just don't post outfits cause I'm like…do they really want to look at my mug everyday?!? Good to hear from you…been a while!

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