The Breezier the Better: OOTD

It’s gettin’ sticky and hot here.  Those who know me personally recognize this as the time of year I get very close to needing anger management therapy.  I get so cranky when I’m hot.  It’s not quite pool weather either, so I can’t exactly schlep around to and fro in a suit and coverup for survival as I do in the summertime.  So instead, I opted for this breezy little number to wear on bottom.

Air flow: check.

Color of ‘serenity now': check.

I found this on our vacay to Seattle when we were tooling around Bainbridge Island.  I happened to walk into a main street shop with some surprisingly cute wearables and bolted right for this elastic waisted, pleated, lined, knee-length, pool-colored little ditty. Best part? It was $24. Bible. (that one was for you, Mare.) I actually accidentally dropped the skirt on my closet floor and it landed next to these shoes I’m wearing.  I looked down to pick it up and went: “Ooh….Ahhh.  That’s pretty.”  So I put ‘em on together.

Thank you fate.

Wearing: Skirt-from some little shop on Bainbridge Island, shirt-Target, Cardi- J.Crew Jackie, Shoes-Seychelles Keep You Guessin’, Necklace-Anthropologie Celadon Shapes Necklace

When it’s hot outside, the breezier, the better, right? This will be heavily rotated in the coming months.  Hope y’all don’t mind the looks of it, cause we’re all gonna be good friends by the end of summer.

I’ve also been wearing these stacking rings a lot lately that I scored for $9.95 a few years back online. I’m a total sucker for stacking rings.  The only thing that bothers me about stacking rings is when water gets trapped under there every time I wash my hands, so I have to slide them off and dry.  I should just remember to take them off before my hands shoot under the faucet, but since I don’t wear them all the time, it hasn’t become a habit.

Anthropologie rings (name?) forgive the raggedy state of my fingernails. Musicians never have cute fingernails....

What little breezy things have caught your eye lately?  Something in the back of your closet you can’t wait to wear again? Or something in a store window you’ve been stalking? Pray tell.

xoxo Molly


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10 Responses to The Breezier the Better: OOTD

  1. Lauren

    Hi Molly,
    Your skirt and sandal combo looks great for summer – love it when you realise a pair of purchases are going to work together perfectly. It's autumn here, but I couldn't resist picking up the Pintucked Peplum Blouse the other day – didn't think I would look good in the pale pink or blue colours, but then it came out in kelly green so I caved (love that colour). I'm also a fan of the Striped Terry Midi Dress – sadly it wouldn't have an outing any time soon though!

    • Ooh! Lauren, I love the Striped Terry Midi! And I might get brave enough to try Peplums this season too. The kelly green color in that pintucked peplum blouse really is seductive. Such a sucker for green. Enjoy your autumn!! (I'm so jealous….)

  2. Yep, I am well into heat-survival-mode dressing here now. Flowy is the order of the day, and will be until November! Even the cross-body strap on my purse is intensely irritating if I'm out on a warm day…

    • Oh man, I feel your pain woman! Flowy skirts flipped OVER the steering wheel, AC cranked in the car. Highly recommend it. Drive straight to 31 Flavors, keep the car running while you lean your face against the ice cream cases. yes, they'll look at you like you're mental…doesn't matter. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. :)

  3. Beautiful skirt! I can't wait to see all of the color combos you come up with.

  4. JanRussell

    Summer is my #1 enemy – I hate being hot. And sweaty. And my cheeks are so flushed people ask me if I'm okay, and I'm all Dude, I'm fine, I'm just HOT. Plus, it's not like my hair benefits from the humidity, either. But you look cool as a cucumber and cute as a button! Love that necklace! I just got those shoes from Piperlime with my rewards and the color combo is delicious – I love how you paired them with the unexpected. I have a few dresses that I bought when I was preggers that I cannot wait to wear when it warms up a touch more in PA and also my white jeans – so many of my Polyvore outfits depend on them, but it just doesn't feel seasonally appropriate in these parts yet.

    Your pictures from Seattle were so much fun – Baby Banks could not be any cuter!

    • I'm obsessed with these Keep You Guessin' sandals. Lime green, in my opinion, now goes with EVERYTHING!! I declare! Nice snag with your Piperlime rewards too! Your white jeans sound fresh as can be. Can't wait to see all your enviable outfits! I'm considering inventing a personal AC unit I can wear on my back just so I won't be so pissy mad this summer. If I do, I'll send you one too, free of charge ;)

  5. Lady – you look great! Can't believe you had a babe not too long ago. Wowza.

    p.s. You are a colour/pattern mixing guru. Namaste.

    • Dajana, you are so sweet! Thank you so much. I still have a little ways to go, but I know it will come. Keep plugging away at the gym…have patience….repeat.

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