We Seattled.

And I’m officially enamored. Gor. Geous. Ridiculously gorgeous.  Greener than green. Cleaner than clean. Restaurants to end all restaurants. We’re sold….hook, line, and sinker. Now if fate will just cooperate….2 years from now, it could be our home. Here’s a little bit of what we did.

Had to wake up at 4:45 a.m. to catch our flight. 'nuff said.

Dropped our things at the hotel and headed out for adventure. First stop:

Funky Alley right next to Pike's Market....covered in chewed up gum wads. It was both totally gross and totally cool at the same time.

See? Cool. And gross. I didn't have a rubber glove on me, or I would've stuck my own wad on there. Isn't art so subjective?

City in bloom.

On the Ferry to Bainbridge Island.

Mr. Banks and MacGyver.

Hi, gorgeous view. How fabulous would this be if this was your commute every day?!

Downtown Seattle. Electric Blue trees? I'm in.

Art museum. Saw the Gauguin exhibit which we went to for free when a nice downtown cop handed us tickets. Great exhibit. And did I mention it was free?!

Serious Pie: Seriously Good Pizza. Even our little Mr. Banks thought so (notice bite mark in coaster)... Tom Douglas is a God. For reals. We ate at 4 of his restaurants while there, and I think our favorites were Serious Pie and Lola. Get the Eggs Benedict if you hit Lola, and the handmade doughnuts. Your mouth will thank you. Forever.

A few OOTD’s: Me messing around on a huge Anchor on Bainbridge Island.

Travel Wear: Top-Anthropologie Hanalei Buttondown, Pants-AG Ankle Stevies, Shoes- J.Crew Factory, Earrings-BR

Me, windblown from the ferry, ready to stuff our faces at Iver’s. YUM. I wore this jacket every day and was stopped multiple times a day by complete strangers telling me how much they loved it.  It truly has been one of my best Anthro purchases ever.

Windblown Wear: Top-J.Crew Buffalo Check, Skirt-Talbots, Tights-Anthro, Boots-Anthropologie Winding Ruffle, Necklace-Vintage, Belt- Anthropologie ,Coat- Anthropologie

Roundup: Must go back, ASAP. Weather = gorgeous. Sight seeing aplenty. Shopping = awesome. Picked up a few goodies I’ll show you soon, the most exciting one acquired at Nordstrom Rack of all places.  I don’t usually have the best of luck for myself there. Happily, this time, luck was on my side. Can’t wait to show ya. Anthro….gotta say, I was a little disappointed.  The store is HUGE!! Two stories.  They have really cool pieces, one of a kind vintage treasures that are way beyond my budget…but I drooled at them nonetheless.  I think I hit this store at an odd time…right before new May arrivals, so the store was completely picked over.  I did, however, find the pair of pants I was after:

Patch Pocket Trousers

I’m obsessed with them.  They have perfect rear-end pocket placement, diminishing the whoomp-there-it-is factor. Hollah. I’m eyeing other colors now.

I have many posts in the works.  A discussion is def in order about the new May arrivals, don’tcha think?  Oi!! I’ve added about 20 things to my wishlist, just yesterday.  Hi Anthro, so glad you’re back, EN FORCE!

xoxo Molly




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  1. Dawn

    Gorgeous city pics but seriously, that outfit with the check shirt is delish… so very perfect, and I covet that jacket – looooove!

    • Thanks so much, Dawn! I actually had several ladies in Anthro and J.Crew stop me and ask about the shirt and wear did I get that skirt?! They were shocked too….(Talbots? Seriously?!)

  2. klj1

    Oh Yeah!! You will loooove it there. I almost moved there but ended in Portland, Or…to me same in a lot of ways just smaller. We still visit Seattle lots….and Serious Pie is one of my fav places to eat :-) Glad you had a great time!

    • Portland would be absolutely fantastic as well. There's more job opportunities for my man in Seattle though, so we've ruled out Portland for that reason. What a gorgeous coastline though! Serious Pie was so good….but Lola truly one us over. SO DELISH.

  3. Molly, you look so happy in Seattle. It's a great city indeed and it definitely stole my heart for sure when we visited. Something about the West, I gotta say. The greenery, cleanliness, laid back vibe…I'm sold!! I've got my fingers crossed that you guys are able to make it your home in the near future :)

  4. Lynn

    Glad you had a great trip. I like Seattle but probably like Portland even better. The only thing that stops me from moving there is the weather. You better LOVE LOVE LOVE rain and gloomy skies. Unfortunately I love sunny days mixed with a bit of rain, which I don't think you get too often in Seattle/Portland.

    • Lynn,
      Yes, truly….I do love love love rain and cloudy skies. I have HAD IT with the sun and heat and sweat. I've had too much of it my entire life. Never been to Portland, but imagine I would really dig it there too.

  5. Marla

    So glad you liked lovely Seattle! Come back and visit again.

  6. klj1

    Summers are beautiful in the NW :-) Not all gloom like a lot of people think.

  7. Thanks so much for sharing your pictures. I had the opportunity to go to Seattle once and turned it down. I have been regretting it since. Your outfits are just lovely. Mr. Banks is so adorable.

    • Rachel, if you get another opportunity….grab it! You will love the city. So many things to see and do. A very cool vibe there, and everyone is so friendly. I couldn't get over how CLEAN it was there too. Mr. Banks thanks you for your compliment!

  8. Tamara

    Love that floral button-down! I've been looking for a great floral with orange tones! So glad you had fun! It's nice to have a getaway!

    • Tamara, this shirt literally goes with EVERYTHING! I highly recommend trying to snag one before they're all gone-gone-gone! Thanks so much…I'm glad we were able to sneak away too! such a rare, rare time to have together.

  9. I'm SO Jealous! I've wanted to visit Seattle forevah!!! The pics are amazing! Oh, and I wanted to tell you…I'm speaking at a convention next weekend about clothes and styling, etc. and you are so totally on my blogger recommendation list! Such a fan of yours and doin' my best to send the love your way. =)

    • Why thanks so much, lovely lady! So exciting that you're speaking at a conference on fashion! Congratulations….well deserved. You never cease to amaze me with your creations. Have a great time! and thanks again!

  10. Jill

    Now you have me excited for our trip to Seattle in July. We have never been and are really looking forward to it :)

    • Oh man Jill, now I'm jealous! I'd love to go back tomorrow! Promise to take the ferry to Bainbridge Island, and while there, eat at the Streamliner Diner. It was awesome food. http://www.yelp.com/biz/streamliner-diner-bainbri… (walk down the street and get some Bainbridge Island fudge at Bon Bon. Get the white chocolate lemon fudge. Oh man! And at Pike's Market, you have to visit the Confectional across the street from Pike's http://www.theconfectional.com/
      They don't have their entire selection online, but they have these cheesecake bites in dark chocolate with sea salt caramel that were SO FREAKING AMAZING! The triple chocolate Mini Cheesecake was also to die for. We went back 3 times on different days! Have a fabulous time!

  11. Beth

    Watch out for the rain and drear! Seattle is the most wonderful place to be on a sunny day. Even a cool, blustery sunny day. But the 325 days that make up the rest of the year can really get you down. This is just from my own, vitamin D deprived Seattle suburb existence.

    • Lynn

      Totally agree about the gloomy weather getting you down. I lived in Dublin, Ireland for 6 months, and I think I saw the sun about 5 times. I was wearing a winter coat in June. I couldn't wait to get back to NYC and get some sun.

    • Beth, I feel the same about San Antonio, though opposite in weather woes. The heat, oh the wicked heat and humidity….makes a girl cranky and depressed! Sun blaring down day after day….sweat, sweat, and more sweat! Can't take it anymore. Seattle was like heaven on earth! Fashion wise, one's choices are much more versatile in Seattle, since I love layering….I guess the grass is always greener when you've lived a certain place for as long as you can stand it!

  12. This looks absolutely amazing, I am dying to get there one day! Your looks are just perfect as usual, and you have just the most adorable boys in your life!!

    • Aw, thank you Emily. I certainly am truly grateful for those two boys, and my other little 7 year old boy. He's pretty awesome too! You must jump at any chance to go to Seattle. It's kinda magical there.

  13. Deborah

    Hi Molly!

    It is SO gorgeous there. I am PCSing there in June and can NOT wait!! I feel pretty lucky, considering that the other option they had for me at branch was El Paso. :)


    • Oh dear, you escaped by the hair of your chinny-chin-chin! El Paso or Seattle?!?! I lived in El Paso for one year, and HATED IT. I left town every weekend I could. Phew! You are so lucky!! I'm super duper jealous. Best of luck to you and I hope you love it!!

    • Deborah

      My very first duty station was Ft Bliss— I loved my job but hated the area…. It was MANY moons ago, but I remember it well–plus the schools are not so great there and I have an "almost eigth grader".

      Madigan should have PLENTY of jobs….you have to get your hubby to do some sweet talkin' to his branch manager lol. Then we can meet and shop! Yay for shopping. :)

      Unlike most, Im actually looking forward to the weather, I HATE hot weather- period. I was at Ft Gordon for a long time and HATED the summers and even the "winters" are too warm! lol. I LOVE San Antonio–so much– but hate the heat there. WA will be perfect for me– I loved the weather in Germany…..and Im hearing that its similar. The Army has kept me in the South for so much of my career– Im ready to be somewhere different.

      Now, if only I could find a place to live…. :)

  14. FAM

    Love your outfits! And you son is such a cutie!

  15. I knew you would love it!!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos – it looks and sounds like a great trip. I am loving that floral top with the purple stevies – so pretty. Mr. Banks is adorable:)

  16. Jessica

    Seattle looks and sounds amazing!! So glad you had a nice trip.

  17. Nissa Lucero

    Hey Molly! your trip looked so fun- I love Seattle. Did Maren tell you about the shoes Jacob got me for Mother's Day- I am pretty much in love with that guy,and those shoes. Now I have to shop for an outfit to wear them with… it never ends! And I am so sick that you guys went to all that trouble to get my purple shirt – I had no idea and I feel really stupid that I emailed you about it now! But it was $40 and I couldn't resist. Tell your kids hi from me and Soel and make some of those chocolate chip cookies and eat one (or 20) for me!

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