Anthrofying a Target Lamp and an OOTD

My office got a bit of a face lift recently. I can’t show it all to you yet because…its not all done/organized/pretty yet. But I wanted to show you another one of my favorite little finds as of late….this little lamp. A Target find. Moment of silence, please, for the Target designers. Thank you, awesome Target designers, for making this lamp. I’ve always pined for the Pottery Barn version of this lamp base…. But Target’s price point was a much easier pill to swallow. Anthrofying this baby wouldn’t be tough at all.

Target lamp, styled a la Twig Hutchinson

Remember that post I did a while back on Twig Hutchinson? I wanted to give it a go with the crumpled paper like she did under the bell jar. Gotta say, I’m a fan! Then I wanted to try it with corks.

Or this way, styled with the ebay cork lot I won.

Yes, you guessed it….these corks will be appearing some day soon on an Anthro Art Board near you. You can bet yer bottom dollah!

I love the simplicity of these lamp base fillers….have you snatched up any of these?

I broke out my Palma Dress this morning for the first time. I decided to go with lighter hues and metallics with this styling….which meant I could pump up the volume on my lips.


Wearing: Dress- Anthropologie Palma Dress, Cardi-J.Crew Jackie, Belt-Anthropologie High Gloss, Necklace-Anthropologie Stormy Seas, Slip-Vintage Hem, Shoes-Banana Republic

Hope your week has been fantastic.

xoxo Molly



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23 Responses to Anthrofying a Target Lamp and an OOTD

  1. DrewToo

    This is a great look, Molly! And I admire your home stylin' abilities!

  2. I love your lamp and your outfit. Your makeup always looks so pretty.

  3. Elizabeth Anne

    Palma dress looks great! Love the colors. Also, love the crumpled paper in the lamp.

    • I think I lean more toward my favorite being the crumpled paper too. Thanks for the Palma feedback. Such a fun dress…I wanted the colors to do all the talking for the first wear. i can\’t wait to spend some time styling it up and really experimenting.

  4. beli

    I've been looking for a new lamp and then, I saw this. I LOVE It . thank you for the inspiration! how many corks are inside? very cool idea.

    • Hey beli! So glad you found inspiration here! That\’s what this blogging stuff is supposed to be about…so thanks for letting me know. I bought a box of corks off eBay….there were 300 in the box, but I didn\’t use all of them to fill the lamp base. I just kept pouring until I hought it looked right. Good luck!

  5. That lamp is fantastic! I musy go check it out ASAP! I am in the market for some new lamps as I just tossed one a few months ago and the other is on it's way out. Don't think it's gonna survive the move. Love how you can change out the base fillers! That dress looks amazing on you! I love that slip…it's so perfect to give you a bit of extra length. Last I checked on that particular style they weren't selling it anymore…boo! I'll have to check again…maybe it's back. Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. Adeline

    Oh. My. God. This is the most brilliant idea EVER. Period. I am in love with this! I am going to Target this weekend to try to find this lamp, I hope it's still in stock! I really love your interior designing skills, it's so inspiring! Did you also make the wall decor? It's stunning! Thanks for sharing and please do more design posts like this, I can't get enough of them! :)

    you look gorgeous in the Palma dress, I own this one too and also pair it with the same JCrew cardi, but now I want a skinny yellow belt like yours!

    • Thank u so much, Adeline! So glad you enjoyed the post! Yes, the wall art in the background was made by me and sponsored by my family\’s impressive use of TP!! Haha. Thanks again!

  7. Adeline

    Can I also ask where you got that beautiful lampshade? Is that also from Target? Thanks!

    • Adeline, yes….the lampshade is from Target as well. Impressive, right? I loved the hue of yellow and the pattern on it has a raised texture, it\’s not just printed straight on the lampshade. I thought it looked very faux Anthro. Best of luck at Target! Happy shopping!

  8. Sarah

    Where’d you find all those corks, Molly? Love the lamp stylings!!

    • Hey Sarah! Thanks for the positive feedback! I bought a lot of corks on eBay, I think it was a lot of 300. since i intend to use them for an art project, I wanted at least that many. There are TONS of cork lots available. I wanted all wine corks, not mixed with champagne corks which are rounded on one end. Do a quick search and you\’ll find a bevy of choices! Good luck!

  9. Vicki

    Hi Molly–great lamp you found! Question about it–When you fill it, is it from the top or bottom? When you move the lamp, does the stuff inside stay put? (I've seen glass lamp bases where the bottom is open, so once you insert the stuff, can't really move the lamp again–b/c there isn't a solid bottom. Thanks!

    • Vicki- Yes, the lamp is open on the bottom….but to move it isn't such a hassle. especially if the items inside are bulkier, and not beans are rice or something! With the corks in there, when I moved it, I quickly slid a manila folder under the base and they all stayed in there quite nicely. No biggie.

  10. aw, you're just delicious! someone needs to kidnap you off to the south seas in that dress…

    That lamp is a great idea- glad you found one at target! The lampshade is pretty nice too!

  11. wow!! you always amaze me with your beautiful outfits!! And the lamp is really pretty & unique!!

  12. Candi

    Love the outfit with the boots! You are so beautiful Molly!

  13. Brooke

    Can you post a link to the target lamp? I can't find it online

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