Tango with Tangerine

You’ve all heard it already I’m sure,…what THE color of 2012 is, deemed by the Pantone Gods.

I feel like there should be an applause button to insert here.

I sure as heck feel like applauding.  I can’t get enough of this spicy spitfire.  And kudos to Pantone for using alliteration.  Tangerine Tango.  Alliteration makes everything more catchy.

Wearing: Pants-Anthropologie AG Stevie Straight, Top- Banana Republic Outlet, Cardi- J.Crew Ethereal Ruffle, Shoes- Chie Mihara Nina, Earrings- Anthropologie Prospector's Prize Dangles

On screen, it almost looks like they could have called it Tomato Tango and come out on top as well.  Doesn’t it look a bit more tomato to you?  I grew up with Tangerine trees surrounding our yard, and I’m telling you, tangerines are much more orange than red/orange.

Exhibit A:

See what I mean?

Tangerine….Tomato…..ah well, they’re both fruits, right?

Never one to tiff with Pantone, I shall peacefully Tango with my Tangerine and enjoy this fine year of spicy color infusion.

How ’bout you?  Tangoed with Tangerine yet this season?

xoxo Molly



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7 Responses to Tango with Tangerine

  1. That color is like J.Crew's "modern red" or "vibrant flame" or "poppy" (dependent on the day) – I adore that punchy reddish orange shade as well!

    Lady, can I say that your shoes are rockin'? Good thing we don't live in the same town because I may have to steal those off your feet if I saw you, haha!

    • Totally agree…poppy, modern orange, etc….tangerine tango has many pseudonyms. J.crew always reigns supreme as far as color hues, in my opinion. They just always get it right.
      Girl, I\’d go to the ring with you over these shoes….they are so comfy! Best buy myself a shoe locker, eh? Haha.

  2. Jaime

    I love this color and feel that it goes with many different people's colorings. I feel like it adds spice to my wardrobe.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE this color this year but I don't have much of it in my closet I'm realizing. I have a lot of bright coral with is almost tangerine…kind of. lol Love that cute outfit on you…the colors are FAB!

  4. Hi Molly! I love your blog and your style and share your passion for Anthropologie and J.Crew. Congrats on your new adorable baby! I started my own blog after following many others' and would love it if you could take a look!


    • Jeannie! Congratulations on your new baby….your blog baby! You are so darling! I look forward to following your style and Shared Anthro love.

  5. Elizabeth Anne

    I ADORE the new tangerine color. But alas, it does horrible things with my skin tone. I will have to live vicariously through all of you tangerine loving ladies. The Sephora adds featuring tangerine have me going wild with excitement too. What a great color!

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