I am a wedge lover.  A wedge enthusiast. A wedge worshipper.  A wedge fan through and through.  It is the perfect “mom” shoe.  I say that because I am indeed a mom. However, if I were from any other walk of life, I’d still say wedges are the perfect shoe. They offer the obvious bonus of elongating the leg with their height, yet without ball of the foot pain. Second, they look fantastic with just about anything you could throw on.  From shorty-shorts to maxi skirts, they get the job done.  Third, stability, baby.  You won’t look like Bambi’s twin in wedges since they support the entire foot.  No unplanned “man-down”  awkward moments while wearing wedges.

Wearing: Pants-Anthropologie AG Stevie Ankle, Top-Layers, Shirt-J.Crew Factory, Shoes- Nine West Jaxon, Necklace- Old Navy (This J.Crew shirt was an acquisition from the recent Motherload outlet trip).

These Jaxon wedges are one of my favorite pairs.  I scored them for the sum of $24.99, and reach for them again and again.  The elastic strap across the ankle make them ridiculously easy to slide on and off. Have you seen them in pink?  Oh man, covet-ville. I almost caved and bought these today, but held back my wedgetarian urges.

Speaking of, let’s talk about the sale ladies.  I know it was good for some.  Myself?  Well…you could say so. I had a 15% off birthday coupon handed to me by a dear friend that she didn’t plan to use herself, so I ended up checking out with the following, and an extra percentage off to boot:

Yow. Zers.

I never tried on the Carolinae top, so I hope it works.  I just love the orange/green color-play in it.  Also have never seen the Maeve skirt IRL, but I love the embroidered touches and longer length.  I really hope it’s fab.  I have tried on the crops, Neapolitan blouse, and seamless tanks before, so I know it’s already love. Better yet, my order has already shipped.  Hot dang!

So, now that I’ve shared….it’s your turn.  What did you grab?  Victorious shoppers abound out there….I know it.  Throw me a bone!

Here’s hoping your day was fabulous.  Anticipation is mounting here for our trip next week.  MacGyver, Mr. Banks, and myself will be jetting off to Seattle on Monday, and I couldn’t be more giddy about it!!!  Seattle is a definite contender for us as far as where we will move next.  I am permagrinning about the possibility of an ENTIRE WEEK with highs under 60 degrees.  In April?  Ludicrous.  And fabulous!  I’ve lived in hot locales all my life.  I’m done.  Sweat dripping down my spine in April just gets me pissy mad.  Here’s to layering, cloudy skies, and seeing the coast!!!

Any Seattle-ites out there have suggestions on things we should definitely do and see?  So far we’re definitely eating at Iver’s, taking a ferry ride, and perhaps doing a tour of the underground.  I’d love to hear your suggestions.  Guidance welcome.  Take care y’all!

xoxo Molly





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  1. Ohhh I'm just outside Seattle! If you are there on a Sunday, the Fremont market is great, lots of vintage, handicrafts, vendors to look at, and the Fremont area has great shops, plus the troll under the bridge. Pike place is a classic as well. Gasworks park is neat too, easy to make a day of Fremont plus the park.

    • Thank you so much, Jess! I totally forgot about Pike Place. OF COURSE… We have to do that. And Gasworks Park…haven't been there! I've been to Seattle once and did Pike Place and the aquarium near there, but that's about it. A troll under the bridge? Sounds intriguing. He won't steal the baby, will he? Can we get to all these places using the metro? We're staying downtown. Thanks for all your help!

      • Jess

        So I just looked up from pike place to Fremont (near the troll which is about 10minute walk to the market area) and it is about a 20 minute bus ride on either the #5 or the #16 bus. Fremont market is only Sunday but it is very cool. If you go, check out the Fremont vintage mall around the corner more or less.

        • darn, we fly back on Saturday, so we'll miss the Fremont market, though I shall remember this nugget of wisdom for another trip. Still quite intrigued by the troll you speak of. Thanks for all your suggestions! (and bus numbers!)

  2. Lauren

    Hi Molly,

    I am a fellow wedge-lover and was also tempted by the Gravitational Pull Wedges, but I ended up opting for the High Shine flats in gold – love a metallic shoe. Also picked up the Star Trails halter and a few full price items – the Ribbed & Striped Tee and Terra Deco Drops. I split the order with my sister who made her first Anthropologie purchases – the Side Splashed Tank and Peplum Ponte Tank – she’s definitely coming over to the dark side.

    Hope you have a great trip – wishing you cool weather!


    • Hi Lauren! Thanks so much for your comment! You really can't go wrong with a metallic flat. Great choice. That Start Trails Halter is so endearing, and the terra deco drops are stunning! I love that peachy/orange color. Nicely done, bringing your sister down with the rest of us Anthro nut cases! At least she'll look darn cute as she goes!

  3. Please go to Macrina Bakery in Belltown for brunch! So so so good. Also, you will love the Anthro in downtown Seattle. :) It's beautiful and spacious.

    • I definitely plan on hitting the Anthro there. A trip wouldn't be complete without an Anthro visit… that bakery sounds right up my alley. Belltown…I'd love to live in a place called Belltown. Sounds so quaint. Thanks for the suggestions!

  4. Aaron & I went to Seattle & Vancouver in October ~ we really only spent like a day in Seattle but had fun walking around the waterfront area, and yes we went all touristy and ate dinner at the top of the Space Needle (which I don't regret one bit). If you have time to drive a couple hours north & across the border (which you need at least a passport card for these days), we absolutely LOVED Vancouver ~ BC is breathtaking. Have fun!!

    • Sare, I believe in being "all touristy". As they say, when in Rome….. We had a trip a few years back to British Columbia in May. We flew into Vancouver and stayed at Whistler. Hiked every day, all day. It was so gorgeous. Wish we could head up there this time around, but the conference prevents that. So we'll be aiming to explore the cool nooks and crannies of Seattle, and get "all touristy" too. So fun you guys were able to get up there. A stark contrast to the October AZ weather, eh?

  5. Oh, I was so tempted by the carolinae top this morning, but I know it's pretty cropped…what a shame since the pattern is gorgeous! I can't wait to see your neapolitan top stylings! I'm hoping to try and evoke it using the popsicle pink gingham….

    • I fear the Carolinae being too cropped as well, however with high-waisted pencil skirts and worn over a longer layer with skinnies I think it might be money. I just have to try it and see for myself. Ahh, those Neapolitan sleeves are just so fun. I can't wait to wear it. Hope I still love it like I did a few months back.

  6. Hill

    Born and raised just an hour north of Seattle, will always call WA my home :) Even though we will be moving to Austin in July! Crazy, right?!

    Olympic Sculpture Park. So much space for the kids to run around, but very cool due to the fact that it's more of an outdoor-sculpture-museum-thing with beautiful lawns and pathways.. all in the middle of the city, with a view/path by the water. Highly recommend a visit (and great photo opps)!

  7. This is too fun– love the orange! I have been wearing a pair of Gap wedges for years, at least once a week in the summertime, but they are finally on their last leg and I am just heartbroken! And those seamless tanks? Cannot get enough of them– good choices!

  8. Jill

    A great spot for yummy mango quesadillas and margaritas is Aqua Verde where you can sit and look out at Lake Union and Mt Rainer if it's not too cloudy :). Also consider Rays Boathouse for delicious seafood and breathtaking views of the sound, after eating you can walk on the beach that is just near by. Love, love Seattle!

  9. Unguren

    I grew up close to Seattle and still love it! Down on the water front by Ivars is a store called Ye Old Curiosity Shop, very fun! I also recommend the troll, and pike place (my name is on one of the floor tiles). In pike place there is a little shop close to the first Starbucks called Bavarian Meats, if you like pepperoni sticks you should stop in and get a landjaeger. They are so good. Have fun!

  10. Kristine

    I'm a big Pike Place fan myself but it sounds like you've already got that covered. :) Lovin' your outifit, girl! I have that shirt from the roll-out last spring and what a great idea to wear it with the long tank. Genious with the pop of orange!

    So I need your fashion opinion on something… will send you an email, if that's ok!

  11. lin

    Molly, I second that you should go to Gasworks park. It has the best view of the city. And while you are over there, you should head to Paseo in Fremont. They have the best sandwiches ever. Seriously. Hope you have fun in glorious Seattle. Big Heart!

  12. I am all over wedges lately as my stomach size is making my center of gravity a bit shifty! I love that you wrote man down because during 1 pregnancy I fell in front of the entire primary oops! Have fun in Seattle such a fun place to live!

  13. Linda

    I've lived in Seattle all of my life and I am with the other ladies with visiting Gas Works Park. If you are down on the waterfront, you should take one of the Argosy Cruises or if you prefer something more touristy go on a Ride the Duck Tour. Also, located along the waterfront is the water taxi. It will take you over to Alki Beach (it's not really a beach), where you will have an amazing view of the Seattle skyline. Try one of Tom Douglas's or Ethan Stowell's restaurants… Both have quite a few around the city. For brunch, Tilikum Place, Portage Bay and Macrina are at the top of my list. Hope you have a great trip!

  14. Rachel

    I am a wedge lover as well, it is the perfect shoe if you are a mom. I love Seattle and have been there many times, it is one of my all time favorite cities! The suggestions you have gotten are wonderful, I would add that you must try the coconut cream pie ( if you like coconut cream pie that is) from Tom Douglas's Dahlia Bakery. He as several restaurants in Seattle and they are all wonderful! I also love the area of Ballard they have some great little shops in that area.

  15. Jules

    Am I really lucky enough to be your friend? You are hilarious and beautiful and talented. AND you introduced and converted me to wedges.

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