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The Anthro House and my Otta in Action.

I decided to play with my Otta dress on Sunday a little bit…ended up busting out a new styling for it.  Purples have swooped in this season and stolen my heart.  So it felt natural to go ahead and let purple tango with my Otta.

Wearing: Dress-Anthropologie Otta Dress, Cardigan-J.Crew Outlet Jackie, Necklace- Banana Republic Outlet ($8!), Slip-Vintage Hem, Shoes-Anthropologie Mixed Media Heels

To avoid a bit of peek-a-boo happening up at my unendowed chest area, I used my good 'ol Hollwood fashion tape. Good news: nobody saw anything they shouldn't have.

I do so love this dress.  It is so different from what I’m usually drawn to in dresses.  I love the defined wide waist eliminating the need for a belt; the v-neck to elongate the neck and brighten up the face; the wide pleated skirt; the pattern, that speaks modern, modular and exact….opposite of my usual affinity for organic prints.  I just love it all.

It’s no secret that one of many far-fetched goals in life is for my house to look and feel like an Anthropologie store.  I’m sure I’m not alone in this.  Little by little, bit by bit, I’m attempting to transform my house into an “Anthro House”.  I’ll be showing you a few of my DIY projects and faux-Anthro purchases in the next couple of weeks that were all done and made in the name of capturing the Anthro-factor. Some great finds…and great foolers too; you could swear I bought ‘em at Anthro.

I wanted to show you some new stools I acquired for our bar area.  We had some great stools there for the past 5 1/2 years, found at Ross and damaged at that; so I got them for a steal.  Think I paid $75 total for the both of them.  But they weren’t super comfortable and just felt a bit too tall for the space.

It wasn’t until I was waltzing through World Market that I stopped dead in my tracks and almost gave myself whip lash ogling at this stool champion.  For a second, I thought I might be in an Anthro. Meet the Twist Swivel Stool.

World Market's Twist Swivel Stool $109

I mean, really.  So Anthro, no?  I regularly gawk at Sundance Catalog as a source for Anthro-style furniture, not to buy….good grief no, just to look.  And I swear to you, I had the following stools in my hypothetical cart the day I saw the Twist Swivel:

Texas Spinning Stool $225. Yikes!

Liberty Tavern Stool $295 - Ouch!

Which did I buy?   Bet you can guess what happened.  I snapped up two of those Twist Swivel Stools from World Market faster than you can say “So Anthro!” The cherry on top was that they were on sale for $99, plus an additional 10% off with my coupon.  Easiest set up in the world.  McGuyver didn’t lay a finger on either of them.  I did everything, and yes, I’m proud.  Here they are in all their faux-Anthro glory.

I swear they make me so happy walking by them a hundred times a day. Things in your house should do that,....make you smile.

So how ’bout you?  Have any of you discovered  faux-Anthro treasures of your own as of late? Pray tell. I’d love to hear about them.

An Anthro-style DIY is comin’ up this week, a back-log of OOTD’s, baby shower awesomeness, and tons more.  Thanks for hanging around, y’all!







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