Queen of Your Closet Series: Ahoy, Maties. Neon ahead.

Well ladies, I’m handing out all kinds of props to Old Navy for their newest arrivals.  Especially for the sailboat blouse.  Me loveth, so much so, that I will be it’s first mate.

Oh wait, I already have one.

Wearing: Skirt-J.Crew wool Neon Azalea No.2 Pencil Skirt, Top-Old Navy, Belt-J.Crew, Necklace-Banana Republic, Tights-J.Crew, Shoes-Lola Ramona

Okay, so I’ll be it’s second mate.

I need to hunt down a navy version now.  For reference, I took a size small and usually wear a size 6 in blouses.

And when J.Crew had some ridiculously great markdowns awhile back, plus an additional 30% off, I bit on the Neon Azalea No.2 Pencil Skirt, thus successfully becoming a “trend follower” of Spring 2012 .  When I say “trend” I speak of the NEON hues bedecking NY’s runways during fashion week.  I admit, when Ms. Neon Azalea arrived and I freed her from her packaging, I almost had to scramble for my sunglasses.  She’s a bright one, maties.

When styling high-voltage neons like this skirt, it is wise to consider tempering their intensity with neutrals.

It’s like in graphic design, when they use the tactic of negative space….  “the white space, or negative space, is considered an important element of the overall design. It is used – and evaluated – based on the same criteria as the rest of the elements in the design. White space can add to or detract from the balance, unity, harmony, rhythm, and overall success of a design. White space can give emphasis, contrast, and movement. It can be used for repetition and pattern, and work within various relationships with other elements of the positive and negative spaces in the design.” source

Neutrals, then, act as the negative space in your outfit, keeping your outfit balanced, harmonious, and successful.

Neon + Neutrals = Sophistication.

Now that’s my kinda math.

 Hope your weekend consisted of some fun fashion calculations of your own.

  Lots to report this week.  Ruffle slip….or bust.

xoxo Molly


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30 Responses to Queen of Your Closet Series: Ahoy, Maties. Neon ahead.

  1. Maggie May

    This outfit definitely ranks as one of my all-time favorite combos from you! And that is saying a lot because you have SO many awesome combos! I never comment but I visit all the time! I want you to come to my closet and mix it ALL UP for me!

    • Wow, thank you so much! So glad you decided to comment. I appreciate you taking the time to do so. I would LOVE to come to your closet….it's one of my favorite things to do for people. Thanks so very much for the compliment!

  2. thatdamngreendress

    No mutiny here- can I stowaway on your cruise ship to closet perfection? I love love love this combo! the print is awesome, the neon pink is even awesomer, and the shoesssss…I love that bit o orange in the heel!

    • Sarah. you're ever a welcome stowaway, just as long as you bring the ochre and rust in your closet. And all your vintage treasures, you hunting goddess!

  3. peghinds

    I hunted far and wide for the navy and found it in Carmel this weekend!!! Now seeing the neutral on you, I want it too!! So cute with the skirt!

    • So glad you found navy! the moment I laid eyes on the neutral, I knew it had to be mine. I'm amazed they haven't sold out already. Thanks so much, Peggy!

  4. Is the blouse poly? I so want to indulge in more affordable tops like that, but I just cannot do synthetics. :/

    • Yes, it's poly. But you know, I don't fear sticky fingers, spit up, or crayons in hand when I wear poly. This top actually has a really great weight to it. Poly or no, it's construction is really nice. But I totally get the inherent synthetic-repellant. Totally.

  5. Great outfit! I'm especially loving that blouse. I gotta say, Old Navy has been killing it lately! Lots of craveable designs!

    • 100% agree…they totally nailed the print on this one. I wish Anthro would put on some blouses like this: non-see-through, modest cut, great sleeves, quirky print yet neutral/versatile colors. I'd buy 'em all!

  6. Oh my, you are looking all sorts of bright, and don't think the lipstick shade escaped me. This is definitely neon done right and I can't get enough of how cute it is paired with the sailboats. And the shoes……..don't mind me while I wipe the drool from my chin..

    • Ha! Dea, you crack me up. Ah the lipstick….red lips is something I never had the guts to try until….this year. That's right. a darn shame that I wasted my 20-year old lips on "safe" colors. Red may be a bit more high maintenance, but totally worth it. I know…the shoes slay me too. Thanks so much for the comment!

  7. Ohmygosh…I love this!! I was in jcrew over the weekend and spotted some neon shorts that I need to add to growing day-glo collection:)

    You look fab!

  8. Dawn

    I've been hesitating on that Old Navy top for ages… I bought the bird print awhile back and love it as well and felt my closet didn't need another similar shirt, but alas, this outfit (so very good, those colors!) made me go ahead and click 'check out.' DONE. Like someone else commented, this is my fave outfit so far this year… love it!

    • Ha! So glad I can take the job of enabler. I'm good at it, aren't I? You will love this top, seriously. I wish Anthro would pump out tops just like this,….non-sheer, modest, quirky print, yet versatile neutral. They'd make a fortune off me, I'll tell ya that. Thanks so much!

  9. LOVE that top with the bright pink– wouldn't normally pair the colors but it looks fantastic!! So chic, I think one of my favorite outfits of yours!

  10. jenn

    oh my goodness, the stylings for the giraffe skirt are just too good, i would have never thought to pair those things together and they are all amazing…i have the skirt too and already used one of the stylings!! as i really want you to do everythng in my closet but i am so hoping that you will work with that storybook skirt i really want to wear that one and am clueless on it and refuse to pair it with black….BORING!!!! …….and tell me when on when will i be able to fit into a pencil skirt again, you look great in this one!!!

    • Jen, I will for sure do your storybook skirt. I have a few more to get to before it, but I promise I wil! So glad you were able to use the stylings for the giraffe skirt!! Send a pic!

  11. I love your entire outfit and your makeup is gorgeous!!!

    • Thank you ever so much. The infamous red lip, I'm ashamed to say…is something I NEVER TRIED until i was in my mid-30's. A crying shame, really.

  12. never would have thought that blouse was from old navy. love the neutrals with the hot pink and I'm also really digging your shoes!

  13. Oh my, I just noticed the stylings for my Giraffe skirt on Polyvore. Thank you so much. They are FABULOUS!!!

    • Hey Rachel-
      I've been neck-deep in baby shower preparation this week; meant to do a post with the options. I still will. Just late…sorry! So glad you like them, though!

  14. This outfit is incredible, Molly! I'm somewhat nervous to try neons due to my super pasty skin but you're inspiring me to give it a go. Love it!

  15. Loved your pink skirt and shoes! You look awesome.

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