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You are my Sweetest Downfall.

Tall ones, flat ones, wedged ones, sueded ones….ShoesFor sure, my sweetest downfall.  Thank you very much, Regina Spektor….you said it well.

And when sweetest downfalls come from Anthro (or Chie Mihara….a…ahem…..), well, I get an acute case of the crapihavetohavethese.

So thankfully my case of the crapihavetohavethese hit right in the same week as my pay day. Phew.

Hi there, Mixed Media Heels.

They are every bit as awesomely comfortable and lusciously lavender as they seem.  Especially on my friend Paul…Paul Bunion.  Yes, I have a pesky bunion on my right foot that I affectionately named Paul during college.  Paul is picky about shoes and gets pretty testy with me if shoes squish him.  Faryl Robin seduced Paul quite nicely with these Mixed Media Heels.  If you’re thinking about these lavender lovelies, do it.  Pull the trigger. I don’t think they’ll last.

Remember when I said I’d take part in the colorphilication challenge too?  It boiled down to this: I am a sucker for mustard yellow. Therefore, the following inspiration won.

Inspiration Piece. In reality, I totally want to rip that blouse off the model and stick it in my closet, petting it while chanting, "My Precious.....".

But since I’m refined and totally above stealing clothing off of people’s backs (okay, just barely…..), I used my own stuff.

Wearing: Cardi-J.Crew, Skirt-Anthropologie, Belt-Anthropologie High Gloss Belt, Shoes-Anthropologie Scarlet and Crimson Wedges, Flower-Anthropologie

My bare skin filled the position for the pastey cream color in my inspiration color board. Oof. Winter was rough on my stems.

I’ve gotta say, I’m kinda definitely loving the trend of pairing intense color hues so closely related that they could clash but don’t, that is, if they’re styled right.  “Play nice, kids”….that’s what it reminds me of; two really intense kids with definite personalities and they both wanna be the boss.

It’s a good show when two bulls meet their match, you know?

So sorry…but I got behind on my posting this past week.  Ruffle slip tutorial to come!  More requested stylings to post, Little Man baby shower, DIY’s, and Anthro talk.  Always Anthro talk.

xoxo Molly






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