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Colorphile Submissions Part I:

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again…I, Molly of Anthromollogies, am a color junkie.  Remember this post here?  When I outed myself and told you all about my nerdy little secrets?….I dream in color. I also exercise in color.  I drive in color, and I have lunch in color.  Color is always on my mind.  Claude Monet once said, “Color is my daylong obsession, joy, and torment.” I can say with certainty that this is true for me as well.  Confession time: When I want my brain to stop and let me fall asleep, it won’t.  Instead, I’m dreaming up color combinations and then mentally going through my closet to locate the items from memory that could fill those color concoctions.  When I’m running on the treadmill or stairmilling (true torture), I’m thinking about other pieces to work into that same color combination. My brain acts like a mental rolladex as I hunt through it’s recesses until I find the pieces that will work.  It’s like my own personal version of Sudoku.  I’ll call it Coloroku.  hehe.

Anywho, as a colorphile who’s constantly looking for color inspiration to feed the beast….and translate it  into my wardrobe choices, I invited you all to share in my sickness. And plan to on a semi regular basis.  Thankfully some bravies answered my call.  Hope you all enjoy the color crack.

First up, Bri, of Three Orange Skirts sent in this unconventional (yet totally clean ;) ) inspiration.  I love it!  Thanks so much for joining in, Bri!

Inspiration: Yep. Her bathroom Counter

Colorphile Bri

Next up, Rachel of Shoes and Sewing sent in this feminine little number.  Inspired by cake?  ooh, yeah. Looking delightful, Rachel!

Her cake Inspiration

You make it seem like a Piece of cake, Rachel! (sorry, couldn't resist). Outfit info:Cardigan: I made it--it has some lime in it that is hard to see in the pictures.Camisole: I made itLeather skirt: Anthropologie from several years agoBelt: Anthropologie from about a year agoTights: Forever 21Shoes: B. Markowsky "Sasha" in pinkNecklace: JCPenney

Third, we have JK, a usually *silent* follower of the blog….and I couldn’t be happier to have her speak up, join in, and take part! Thanks so much, JK!  Hope to see more from you.

Inspiration: Darling handmade Valentine from 5 year old son that sits on her dresser.

Fabulous job, JK! Loving the unexpected pop of red; it's like a party in the middle!

Next we have darling Tamara, who sent in two inspirations.  I heart overachievers!  Tamara said she was feeling inspired by yours truly…(thank you kindly, woman!).  Thanks a mil for the submissions, Tamara!  Happy to be a little part of it!

Moi as the inspiration....

Tamara, rocking the primaries! Outfit details: Top and Cardigan: Anthropologie, Belt: JC Penney, Skirt and boots: thrifted, earrings: handmade by me

Inspiration #2

And here's Tamara's take! Outfit: Top, Jeans, Belt and earrings: Anthropologie, Cardigan: Thrifted

On to Rachel, from Sweet Spontaneous…who, like Tamara, is also is a member of the double submissions club. I just feel all warm and tingly inside knowing color inspiration sparks are a-flying.  Rachel dear, thank you for your color love.  Here’s what Rachel said about her first outfit:  “I started with this scarf – I bought it on clearance at Anthro a few weeks ago.  It’s a scene of Moscow: Red Square, snow falling….”

The Anthro Inspiration Scarf

“The colors are not my “usual” colors.  I *never* start with black, for one thing!  But I saw those bits of orange, and I also have these orange pants that I’m slowly working into my wardrobe (again: I do orange, but not usually that particular orange.)  So I thought I would use the scarf as a jumping-off point for building an outfit to work in my orange pants.  Since there’s a lot going on in the way of color palette, and the top has to much draping detail, I didn’t muddy the waters much with accessories.  I did choose these particular earrings because I thought the white drops looked like the falling snow on the scarf.”

And here's the scarf, in brilliant living color! Outfit: Scarf: "Red Square", Geranium by Virginia Johnson, AnthropologieEarrings: Whole Foods MarketCardigan: Banana RepublicDraped green top: TJ MaxxCords: AG SteviesShoes: Steve Madden

And this next one is just FUN.  Makes you want summer to just hurry up, doesn’t it? In Rachel’s words: “This outfit actually took shape as a regular day, not needing any special color inspiration – until it came to my shoes.  I couldn’t decide which pair to don, so I did a quick browse through one of my favorite blogs, a sweet local friend who has done some furniture refinishing work for me (she’s SO amazing.)  I found this post very quickly, and there were all the colors of my outfit – plus one yellow surfboard!  It just so happens I have a pair of yellow shoes with white stitching detail, and that just rounded out the whole picture right there.”

I mean really, if this doesn't inspire you, check your pulse.

Gotta say, I'm totally feelin' it. Outfit: Earrings (flowers, of course, for the blossoms in the inspiration picture!): So Good costume jewelry Cardigan: Obscured Oleander from Anthro Top: TJ Maxx (thats a theme this week, apparently) Scarf: Anthro - just bought it last week, but I don't see it on the website and don't know the name Pants: Cropped Culottes from Anthro Bracelet: So Good costume jewelry Shoes: John Fluevog

And here’s a color morsel from me too.  I’ll have a color-inspired outfit from one of those photos I showed you in this post for Part Deux of Colorphile submissions, coming Sunday.

my inspiration: Specifically intrigued by the green and aqua being paired with a neutral backdrop.

Here I am with a darker neutral brown than is in the inspiration shot, lightened up by the gray sweater vest. Wearing: Top- Anthropologie Precious Particulars, Sweatervest-Anthro Cartonnier, Pants-Anthro AG Stevie Cords, Belt-Anthro High-glossed Belt, Shoes-Anthropologie Glossed Loafers


Stay tuned y’all.  Some more color feasting coming Sunday.  Sorry for the delay this week….it was a busy one.  Slip ruffle tutorial coming Monday.

Hope your weekend is delicious.

xoxo Molly












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