I popped into Anthro on Saturday to bid farewell to one of the darling managers I’ve come to know quite well over the years.  She’s gettin’ married (yay!) and transferring to another store.  Boo!  I shall miss her dearly….dropped a little gift off for her that I put together and then sought out some sweet thangs to try on to dull the pain of her leaving.  That’s how I roll. In so doing, I realized I hadn’t told you lately what I’m a-hankerin’ for.  I share the sentiment of many others that Anthro has missed the mark terribly in the last year.  That being said, I’ve still purchased many an item from them.  Anthro will always have some items I love, and no matter how many unflattering tops they pump out, I know I will find special pieces that stand the test of time.  The difference is that in previous years, my wishlist is usually THE ENTIRE CATALOG, and now my wishlist holds a few gems that I wait to hit sale.  This is new for me, since usually I find beauties there that I simply CANNOT WAIT for.  On Saturday, I found myself in the ‘CANNOT WAIT’ cabana, falling prey to Anthro’s accessorizing prowess.  When it comes to accessorizing, Anthro should just keep doin’ that thing they do….cause they always get ‘em so right. So here ya go.

Seduced by this little cincher:

Split Surfaces Belt

and the other version as well:

Split Surfaces Belt

and yet even one more belt.  I know, I know. I need another belt like I need a hole in my head.

the Belle Bow Belt

Then I spied this gorgeous piece of frosting for my neck:

Celadon Shaped Necklace

I haven’t taken any tags off of these yet, so I reserve the right to return one or more if I change my mind.  I don’t think that’s gonna happen though.

In addition, I tried on this navy nicety:

Wrap Around Blouse.

LOVE.  Absolutely LOVE it.  Had to go up a size from the usual, so keep that in mind.  Will have her at sale.

The other items I’m pining for?  No surprise, more AG STEVIES in purple and red that I DID mention a few posts back.  Getting nervous though…my store is completely sold out of the purple.

Then these little lilac lovers will FOR SURE be mine. Come sale or no sale….

Mixed Media Heels

And last, but certainly not least, this orangey/pink delight. She’s a bit see-through and the sleeves are quite puffy and might overwhelm those with a more petite frame, therefore I don’t think it’ll sell out.

Neopolitan Plaid Blouse

Non Anthro items I’ve purchased lately?  Placed an order for this and this from the Gap yesterday.  Here’s hoping they flatter the rump.

Did a lap around J.Crew and kinda loved the neon bow belt.  But wow, it’s really NEON.  And an email from Loft announcing their new arrivals has me ogling this lime breeze concoction. See, when you call NEON “lime Breeze” I’m more likely to buy it.  “Neon” just takes me back to those awkward preteen years full of braces, self-consciousness, and rolled-sleeve t’s.

And that’s all, folks.

Broke out one of my favorite Anthro purchases ever today: my Stormy Seas Necklace.  I only wish I had purchased it in every color while I had the chance!


Wearing: Pants-Anthropologie AG Stevie Cords, Top-ATL, Cardi-Anthropologie Shadow-Sleeve Cardigan, Necklace-Anthropologie Stormy Seas, Shoes-Anthropologie Anticipation Heels

So what’s on your radar at the moment?  Any NEON, I mean lime breeze or intensely pink pieces you’re coveting? Do tell.

xoxo Molly



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8 Responses to Hankerings

  1. I am lusting after those heels and the neapolitan blouse, but you’re right, I’m worried about the sleeves – I don’t want to look like a pastel pirate!

    • LOL! The sleeves were seriously huge, voluminous on even me, broad shouldered and gorilla-armed. No joke, when I put on structured blouses or jackets, it's like that "fat guy in a little coat" scene from Tommy Boy. And the size 6 in this top was totally fine on me, sleeves quite generous. May size down to a 4 come sale time. Proportion will be the real deal-killer with this top, I am sure of it.

  2. tls63

    Love Anthro's accessories! That's all I've bought from them in the last month- the Citrus Twist (on 2nd cut) and the Earl Grey (finally on sale) necklaces. I missed the Stormy Seas necklaces, but I've seen tons of copycats around. Just googled it and saw a couple on ebay for over $100, but found this etsy listing for completely customized stormy sea necklace: http://www.etsy.com/listing/85400587/customizable
    Love those belts too, especially the bow one! Thanks!

  3. Spiffy

    Love your picks, I also bought the spit surfaces belt in the multi color pattern. Looking forward to actually wearing it soon!

  4. Denise

    I bought that celadon necklace to go with a dress that I later returned, but found the necklace to be so versatile, I kept it. It adds a little bling without being over the top and goes with so much in my spring closet. Anthro clothes have me going meh lately, but accessories – don't get me started on all the bags they have been knocking it out of the park on!!

  5. Lou

    A friend of mine is in love with those heels too, but I have my eye on the Entwined Lace Chemise in pink and the Banded Beachcomber Fedora – am ignoring the fact we've just slipped into autumn down under!

  6. peghinds

    Boy, you and Jan looking slim as anything after those babies! How do you ladies do it? Beautiful! I love that necklace too. Wish I had one – I have a green knockoff from F21. Love that navy dot top, and how funny – I just got a polka dot top and red pants this past week too!

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