Last Call Colorphiles – and Scattered Wing Styling Sets for Jen

Hello ladies.  How’s it going this fine Sunday morning?

Thought I’d pop in and put out a last chance reminder on the Colorphile Submissions….tonight at midnight is the cutoff.  So if you intend to join in, my lovely color creatures, now’s the time.  Go ahead, take a chance, and seize the color, I say!

And just to infuse your brain with a bit of color-juice for the day, here’s the styling sets I did for Jen.  She requested help styling her Scattered Wing Skirt, a flowy Leifsdottir creation with uber potential. I took the color combinations in several different directions to show it’s versatility.  I’m having trouble picking my favorite!  You know, the problem I find with doing these sets is that I end up convincing myself I really *need* the item I’m styling! You can find all the item details by clicking on my Polyvore button on the right sidebar.



Set 1: Yellows and Corals

Set 2: Coral and Gold

Set 3: Textured Neutrals with Color punches (possibilities are endless with different color belt and necklaces).

Set 4: Tonal purples and Dark Gold

Set 5: Raspberry and Orange

Set 6: Citron with patterned and multi-colored accessories

Set 7: Tonal greens with Rust

Set 8: Pink and Orange

I do indeed love hearing which styling set speaks your language.  If you have a sec, drop me a line in the comments and let a sister know…..

A long-awaited slip tutorial is coming this week.  The pics I took the first time were a bit dark, so I had to retake.  Re-do’s around these parts are hard to get to.  You understand….

Hope your Sunday is colored in goodness.

xoxo Molly



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18 Responses to Last Call Colorphiles – and Scattered Wing Styling Sets for Jen

  1. I do love all the options you came up with Molly! You are the Queen of Color, mah dear….Happy Sunday to you as well.

  2. Melissa

    Hi Molly-

    Where is the sweater from in set five? I DIE………

  3. Those stylings are fabulous. My fave is set 4. I am really enjoying this feature.

  4. ah- love these- those new lavender faryl robin shoes are awesome! This is indeed a dangerous enterprise!

    I'm working on my challenge entry- as usual there's something that needs fixing first!!

  5. that skirt is so pretty!

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  6. Your color posts are so inspiring! As a girl who gravitates toward neutrals and earth tones, these make me want to put on some bright, saturated tones. I think my favorite is The coral and gold set– what a gorgeous combination.

    xo Julir

  7. Holly

    I love sets 3 and 4.

  8. JanRussell

    Well, you've sold me on the skirt! Such CUTE inspiration! I need to check again and see if anyone online reviews have rolled in for this piece yet…Hope you are doing great Molly – I am finally getting adjusted enough to rejoin the blogging world :)

  9. Great, now I need that skirt! Purple, birds, ring it up.

    My favorite set is a toss between the tonal purples and dark gold (my high school colors! Go Jackrabbits!) and the greens and rust. I think that combo is so rich and underdone.

  10. Elizabeth Anne

    Honestly, I LOVE LOVE LOVE them all! And now, I think I kind of need that skirt, or at least something very similar.

  11. tls63

    Love 3, 4 and 8! You are a color genius! Love everything you put together! Thanks for the inspiration, as usual!

  12. peghinds

    Bummer I'm wearing color tomorrow!!! Day late and a dollar short!

  13. jenn

    wow!! thank you molly :) some of those pairings i never thought of and i LOVE them all, honestly i can not decide which one i love the most. i think that i like set 7 the most but i keep looking at set 2 as a close runner up. wonderful thank you. and yes the mixed media heels are a must i agree that they are fabulous i have to have them as well. i still can not believe that you just had a baby and you are wearing those skinnies, i still have sooooo long to go to get back to normal i hope that it will happen again so far the other times i go back but it takes time and work!!

    • let me just say, those AG stevie cords are extremely forgiving, hence why I've been LIVING in them! I have a ways to go still with getting myself "back". But stressing about it is just plain stressful. So I try not to. So glad you love the sets!! I think 7 is one of my faves too. Hope you get to put some of these color combos into action with that skirt soon.

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