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Twig Hutchinson- Have we Met?

First, don’t forget to submit to my Colorphile Challenge if you haven’t already!  I’m hoping you all knock my color-socks off!

Second, have you ladies ever heard of Twig Hutchinson?  When I saw these pics below, I was SURE she had to have worked as an Anthropologie catalog stylist at some point. Like for-sure, for sure.

crumpled paper under bell jar...unexpected and neat to look at.

Doesn't this look like an Anthro catalog shot? p.s. I'll take the dress to go.

Pretty. Period.

I'd totally do this for door decor when hosting a Spring brunch or shower.

I totally look like this when I clean. Riiiiight.

Gorgeous. I'd leave the dress hanging there permanently.

Just a great shot.

Uncanny, right?  Her eye is definitely dilated to the Anthropologie factor, that’s for sure.  But no….she’s her own entity.  Just another fabulously gifted stylist located in London.  Just thought you all might like to be inspired today, as I was. Thanks, Twig.  P.S. I love the name.

Also inspiring? My green AG Stevies.  I’ve been wearing them a lot lately, since they stretch and forgive the excess I’m still toting around from Mr. Banks.


Wearing: Pants-Anthropologie AG Stevie Crops, Top-Anthropologie Rinzu Robe, Undertop-Layers Clothing, Shoes-Chie Mihara IONA, Belt-Anthropologie HIgh GLoss Belt, Earrings-Anthro

Can I just say, I can’t WAIT for the AG Stevie crops to hit sale so I can buy two more colors?


Her purple majesty


Rockin' Red

I also made a little stop at Anthro yesterday, and after exchanging some things….walked away with a few treasures.  All of them accessories, an undeniable forte for Anthro.  I’ll show ya tomorrow.

More styling request sets this week, a long-awaited slip tutorial, a bit of colorfun recreation, and I still have to post about that darling Little Man shower!

Exciting stuff around here.  Fasten your accessorized seat belts….it’s gonna get cray-cray.

xoxo Molly




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