This Is How We Do It.

Did you miss my Colorphile Submission Challenge from yesterday?  If so, read/be inspired/submit….in that order. I hope you’ll join in!
Last night my man MacGyver and I had a Dance Central dance-off on the XBOX, and I TOTALLY won. Like, by a landslide.  My kids were quite impressed.  We did ‘em old school, with songs like “This is How we Do it”, and “Baby Got Back”.My seven-year old was laughing so hard the poor guy got the hiccups.  Apparently, mom doesn’t dance enough around here, and it kinda threw ‘em all off.

Wearing: Top-Banana Republic, Pants-AG Stevie Cords, Cardi-J.Crew Jackie, Belt- Anthropologie Feather Clasped Belt, Boots-Anthropologie Gilgarran Boots, Earrings- Banana Republic

I took off the boots and belt to bring it down, since it was after dinner and…welp…. yeah…it was after dinner. ‘Nuf said. A girl’s gotta breathe while wiping the floor with her husband. :)

I’ll tell you what though,…that game really needs new clothing for their dance avatars. Anthro clothes! Or maybe you could just “unlock” their Anthro style, when unlocking their street style.  I mean, the girls I have to choose from now are cool, they just aren’t me.

Case in point:



Emilia. I do actually dig her socks. Can you really buy them that long?!? Instead of knee-highs, they're like Crotch-highs!

Aubrey. She's probably closest to my taste, and even has on-trend nautical attire, albeit sexy sailoresque. But stick her in an Odille skirt and Maeve blouse? Dead-ringer for an Anthro model.

Thanks for humoring me.

Sometimes these posts just have a life of their own.

xoxo Molly





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8 Responses to This Is How We Do It.

  1. Katherine

    Sounds like fun! I love to dance.
    Can I ask you for size reference…. what size Stevie cords are you wearing?

    • Hi Katherine-
      These are a size 28, but remember my thighs are a bit….ample still, in the process of still losing baby weight. If you scroll down to the picture of me with the Potter Barn mag, I wearing the same AG cords and you can tell how they fit my thighs there. Hope this helps!

      • Katherine

        Thanks Molly. But are you kidding me about your thighs? You look frickin' fantastic. I don't see any difference in the before and after photos. You look incredible.

  2. Oh Molly, this had me cracking up! How hilarious and fun last night must have been, Way to rock!

  3. thatdamngreendress

    so awesome! My boyfriend finally got an xbox for christmas, and when I came home from work one day he had dressed and created the cutest little avatar me! I mean, he dressed me in a mustard cardigan with a rust neck scarf! I mean, how well does the boy know me :)

  4. We have dance offs around these parts too! The husband was quite impressed with my smooth groove during Mary J Blige's Real Love:)

  5. Oh man… that game is SO fun! This post was hilarious!

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