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This Is How We Do It.

Did you miss my Colorphile Submission Challenge from yesterday?  If so, read/be inspired/submit….in that order. I hope you’ll join in!
Last night my man MacGyver and I had a Dance Central dance-off on the XBOX, and I TOTALLY won. Like, by a landslide.  My kids were quite impressed.  We did ‘em old school, with songs like “This is How we Do it”, and “Baby Got Back”.My seven-year old was laughing so hard the poor guy got the hiccups.  Apparently, mom doesn’t dance enough around here, and it kinda threw ‘em all off.

Wearing: Top-Banana Republic, Pants-AG Stevie Cords, Cardi-J.Crew Jackie, Belt- Anthropologie Feather Clasped Belt, Boots-Anthropologie Gilgarran Boots, Earrings- Banana Republic

I took off the boots and belt to bring it down, since it was after dinner and…welp…. yeah…it was after dinner. ‘Nuf said. A girl’s gotta breathe while wiping the floor with her husband. :)

I’ll tell you what though,…that game really needs new clothing for their dance avatars. Anthro clothes! Or maybe you could just “unlock” their Anthro style, when unlocking their street style.  I mean, the girls I have to choose from now are cool, they just aren’t me.

Case in point:



Emilia. I do actually dig her socks. Can you really buy them that long?!? Instead of knee-highs, they're like Crotch-highs!

Aubrey. She's probably closest to my taste, and even has on-trend nautical attire, albeit sexy sailoresque. But stick her in an Odille skirt and Maeve blouse? Dead-ringer for an Anthro model.

Thanks for humoring me.

Sometimes these posts just have a life of their own.

xoxo Molly





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