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Where is the Love? (Anthropologie Wedding Love and Blogiversary Winner #2)

On my feet, apparently.  I have serious love for these BHLDN Vivienne Westwood eye catchers.

Wearing: Skirt-Anthropologie Million Pleats Midi, Top-ATL, Cardi-ATL, Tights-J.Crew Pindot in Nude, Shoes-BHLDN Jelly Slingbacks, Necklace-Anthropologie Verveine

It seemed quite appropriate for these to make their debut on Sunday during this week of love-festing.  Their eye-catching literalness makes them super fun, while their neutral colors/metallic sheen put them in the category of both versatile and bling simultaneously.  Love them.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all, love festers and anti-love festers among us.  Must confess, I kinda hate it when Valentine’s falls on a week day. No worries though; MacGyver and I are planning to celebrate properly this weekend, and my man will also be taking my two daughters to a Daddy Daughter Ball.  How freaking cute is that?  Hope you all are doing something just a bit on the special side for yourselves, regardless of what day of the week Valentine’s fell upon this year.

Without further ado….onto Blogiversary Winner #2.

The winner of the Raccoon Ring Dish is …….Linnea!  Congrats to you, my dear, and be looking for an email from me!  Thanks so much for entering.

As today is the day of love, I thought it only appropriate to debut the DIY Wedding reception I was heavily involved with a few weeks ago.  The newlyweds, Sara and Zach, solid peeps by the way, already had their reception in another state the week previous.  Therefore, the wedding open house here was a bit more informal, like a party type atmosphere. But still, it needed to be special. It needed a vibe.  It needed injections of awesomeness.  All the bride specified was that she wanted an Italian Soda bar and her colors were celery green, gray, and white.  I was like a kid on Christmas….that’s it?  No other preferences?  Done and done.  I love working with open minds! I found a few inspiration shots a while back on Green Wedding Shoes of DIY projects I’ve wanted to try, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. Of course, Pinterest was a huge player too.  Who does anything without Pinterest these days?!?!

So here we go.  I’ll try to narrate as the pictures unfold.

This welcome sign was totally inspired by a Green Wedding Shoes shot I found.  I loved, loved, LOVED this wedding, and wanted to try recreating a slice of it. Kudos to Sweet Sunday Events for making magic happen, and for inspiring me! I found this old palette on the side of the road and hoisted into my car months ago.  I knew it would be put to good use some day….

I suggested donuts for refreshments to accompany the Italian Soda Bar.  Turned out to be the perfect food.  Little mess, CHEAP (think we spent $140 on the donuts total, enough for 150 people), and if they don’t get eaten…no biggie.  Send a box home with friends you roped into helping and there’s breakfast the next morning.  The Paper Fan Wall was totally 100% inspired by this pinterest shot.  What an enormous impact folded paper can make, eh?

I filled in the gaps with loosely folded doily flowers.  If any of you would like specific DIY instructionals of how I made it, I’ll break down this post project by project and show ya.  This happy piece of work now resides in the bedroom of one happy preteen.  Couldn’t think of a better place really. :)

We bought these green sprinkles from Hobby Lobby and delivered them to the donut shop to be custom hand-dipped.

I begged my talented friend Emily to design a sticker for the glassine donut hole bags.  I sent her an inspiration shot and then asked that it say, “Donuts are for Lovers” and include an S & Z for Sara and Zach.  See the initials in the heart?  So cute, huh.  She had it back to me in an hour.  Boo-yah! You are indeed a fairy, Em.  Thanks again!

For the sign-in table, I just grabbed all my apothecary jars and filled them with folded paper hearts I made out of the same paper from the Fan Wall.  The bride and groom brought that awesome typewriter and made the most darling book for the guests to leave them a note.

We borrowed all these gray paper lanterns and filled the void of massive banister/staircase space.  This is a view looking into the main living room area from the entry. The open house was held at my friend’s gorgeous home, so we had a little bit of reconfiguring to do.  To allow for better traffic flow, we removed all the furniture in the main living room except for one couch.  Also removed was the kitchen table and benches. Why?  To make room for rented bar-height cocktail tables you can see here.  They are so cheap, and totally make a party feel like…well, a party!!  We paid $8 per table to rent.  Worth every penny.

I ordered 1000 doilies in  both 4″ and 6″ diameter to create this doily garland forest corner.  Inspired by none other than queen Martha. There were oh-so-many helpful and loving hands that helped make these babies.  Maria and Maren, I’m lookin’ at you!!  I decided to cover the tables with polka-dot fabric and polyester lace I found at Joann’s in the red tag bin.  I didn’t want it draped like a traditional tablecloth though, so as not to cover up the super modern lines of the cocktail table legs.  Instead, we taped the fabric tight all the way around under the table.  Turned out quite nice.  A simple mason jar filled with Epsom Salt (thank you pinterest) and a votive candle felt just right for the centerpieces.

TO BE CONTINUED!!  Be back tomorrow with tons more wedding goodness and blogiversary giveaway winner #3!!  Hope you’re all diggin’ it so far!

xoxo Molly



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