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You “Otta” try it.

So, as you know, I gave a shout out to the Otta dress when it made it’s appearance online last week.  The mannequin shots had me at hello, and I couldn’t wait to run right over to the Mothership to try it on.  However, over the weekend, I notice a disturbing new addition….the catalog shot, a.k.a. Otta gone wrong on Pastey Penelope. (by the way…I LIKE fair skin.  I HAVE fair skin.  There’s a difference between being fair-skinned and looking pastey.  It’s all in the styling….) Have a looksie.

Ms. Otta, her grace defiled by one of the worst Antrho catalog stylings I've ever seen. Period.

What happened here? Ummmm,….where do I begin?!   They made a thin model look…dare I say….WIDE?  How in the world….?!?!  All I can deduce is that they grabbed the dress 3 sizes too big so the waistband hit low, and then pinned the back.  Then somebody really brilliant decided it would be a great idea to make her legs look as stumpy as possible, so they threw some ankle socks on her. And the kicker?  The rounded bib Ajaka Necklace….on a v-neckline. Oh, No! Just….NO.

Words of wisdom ladies….this dress is cool.  I went in Monday to try her on and good-news-Gracie they had it!  Do not be deterred by the dumpy catalog shot.  It’s lovely.  The waistline, if you buy the right size, doesn’t hit at your widest part.  It sits up higher and is quite flattering.  The extra fabric up top makes room for the more endowed among us, yet the racerback construction means that the top doesn’t overwhelm those ladies whose twinner companions up front are less….obvious.  There’s a short side zip, and then a set of 4 cloth covered buttons.  Do yourself a favor and don’t unbutton the top two buttons while trying on.  You only need to undo the bottom two to slip the dress overhead.  Buttoning the bottom two up after you have it on isn’t a problem.  The top two buttons are tough to do up once the dress is on, so heed my advice and keep them buttoned. I took a 4 in this, though a 6 would have been fine too.  I just thought the 4 nipped in a little more at the waist and will fit fabulously once all the Banks Hotel weight has been shed.   And, for a bonus?  This dress has pockets!!  Love.

I suppose I should probably just go ahead and thank those in charge of styling the February catalog for making it so darn easy to hold off purchasing this one.  I can now confidently wait for this dress to hit sale, without worrying about size availability, since I’m 99% sure the catalog shot has ruined any chances of this dress becoming a must-have for the masses.  That being said, and to make sure my blouses and shirts would fit underneath it, I went ahead and purchased it on Monday to take home for a styling session, knowing full well a return was in order.  Per usual, I went ahead and put together some looks, at least how I’d like to wear it. If the awful catalog shot is still haunting your dreams after seeing these, then I do believe you’re past rehabilitation.  (I kid, I kid….)

Seriously though….go in and try the little lady on yourself.  Give Ms. Otta a fair shake.  What say you? Give a shout-out for your fave.

Set #1 -Anthropologie Otta Dress, J.Crew Buffalo Check Shirt, Anthropologie belt and shoes, Tights-J.Crew, Necklace-vintage

Set #2- Anthropologie Otta Dress, Anthropologie Lemonstick Wedges, Anthro belt, Anthropologie Blouse

Set #3 -Anthropologie Otta Dress, Cardi-Banana Republic, Necklace-Loft, Tights-J.CRew, Shoes-Anthropologie. I'd wear shoes with set #5 with this too.

Set #4-Anthropologie Otta Dress, Cardi-Banana REpublic, Belt-Ann Taylor, Necklace-Anthropologie Verveine, Shoes-Franco Sarto

Set #5 - same as #4 except shoes are Linea Paolo, belt Anthropologie

Set #6 - same as #5 except shoes are Anthropologie Fanfare Platforms, Tights-HUE, Belt-Anthropologie Feathered Clasp Belt

Set #7 - Anthropologie Otta Dress, Cardi-BR Outlet, Belt-Anthropologie High Gloss, Shoes-Anthropologie

Set #8 - Anthropologie Otta Dress, Anthropologie First Hints Blouse, Belt- J.Crew, Anthropologie Night Flora Sandals

Set #9 - Anthropologie Otta Dress, Belt J.Crew, Anthro First Hints Blouse, Shoes- Nine West

Set #10 - Anthropologie Otta Dress, Belt-J.Crew, Cardigan-Anthropologie Colorbar Cardigan, Slip-Vintage Hem, Shoes-BHLDN by Vivienne Westwood

Blogiversary celebration post will be up Saturday!  You won’t want to miss it…there’ll be pics of loot to be won for entering (5 separate prizes) and super sappy reminiscing.

Okay, nothing sappy.  Promise.

xoxo Molly



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