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This Is How We Do It.

Did you miss my Colorphile Submission Challenge from yesterday?  If so, read/be inspired/submit….in that order. I hope you’ll join in!
Last night my man MacGyver and I had a Dance Central dance-off on the XBOX, and I TOTALLY won. Like, by a landslide.  My kids were quite impressed.  We did ‘em old school, with songs like “This is How we Do it”, and “Baby Got Back”.My seven-year old was laughing so hard the poor guy got the hiccups.  Apparently, mom doesn’t dance enough around here, and it kinda threw ‘em all off.

Wearing: Top-Banana Republic, Pants-AG Stevie Cords, Cardi-J.Crew Jackie, Belt- Anthropologie Feather Clasped Belt, Boots-Anthropologie Gilgarran Boots, Earrings- Banana Republic

I took off the boots and belt to bring it down, since it was after dinner and…welp…. yeah…it was after dinner. ‘Nuf said. A girl’s gotta breathe while wiping the floor with her husband. :)

I’ll tell you what though,…that game really needs new clothing for their dance avatars. Anthro clothes! Or maybe you could just “unlock” their Anthro style, when unlocking their street style.  I mean, the girls I have to choose from now are cool, they just aren’t me.

Case in point:



Emilia. I do actually dig her socks. Can you really buy them that long?!? Instead of knee-highs, they're like Crotch-highs!

Aubrey. She's probably closest to my taste, and even has on-trend nautical attire, albeit sexy sailoresque. But stick her in an Odille skirt and Maeve blouse? Dead-ringer for an Anthro model.

Thanks for humoring me.

Sometimes these posts just have a life of their own.

xoxo Molly





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Colorphile Series: Submission Challenge

So, those of you who have been following me this past year know that I am a color lover, a color junkie, a down-right color whore fanatic.  One of the first posts I ever wrote was actually a guest post for the now defunct blog Anthroholic.  The post was all about color inspiration, where I find it when I need a boost, and how I implement it into what I wear. Here’s some photos to jar your memory:

Outfit inspired by the cover of a Pottery Barn Catalog

Outfit inspired by an existing print, in this case, the Wightwick Manor Dress.

This original artpiece inspired....

This outfit.

I ended the post with a challenge to any and all bravies who wanted to participate.  All you had to do was send me a picture of your inspiration and your outfit.  I ended up breaking up the post into two parts. You can read them here and here.

Thanks to all the ladies who participated, we had a good show.  I thought it was fun, so I’d like to make it a regular series here.

So here’s the skinny: Send me a picture of your outfit inspiration and, of course, of you wearing it.  You have one week to make it happen.  Submissions are due next Sunday night, March 4.

I hope you all find the time to participate, cause I’d love to see what has you inspired.

Want to see what’s inspiring me?

Candy apple red, plus chile pepper red, plus


Lose the boots and I'm ALL OVER this outfit. You can bet I'll be a-huntin' for similarly-hued pieces.

Madewell done Quitewell.

To see which one of these color gems inspired me to dress the part, you’ll have to check out the Colorphile Submissions post next Monday.

For now, I’ll leave you with a morsel of a different kind…an OOTD.

Isn’t this orange color delightful?  Whenever I wear this top, I feel like a luscious persimmon.

Wearing: Skirt-Talbots, Top-Anthropologie Nicoleta Blouse, Belt-J.Crew, Tights-American Apparel, Shoes-Anthropologie Tegu Platforms, Earrings-Anthropologie

It’s just another Manic Monday, friends.  Hope you’re surviving!

xoxo Molly


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Slippery Slopes and Tile Quilted Mini Skirt Stylings for Anthroconsabor

It is not often in my life that I admit defeat.  I’m an obstinate bugger, I tell ya.  But my foray into the world of Chie Mihara has changed me.

Wearing: Pants-Anthropologie AG Stevies, Top-Anthropologie , Cardi-J.Crew, Necklace-Anthropologie, Shoes-Chie Mihara Nina

It’s a slippery slope, kids.  You buy one pair, and suddenly you have to have more of them immediately…… They’re like crack….crack for your feet!!

Crack is whack, yo.  (RIP Whitney Houston).

Thank goodness Valentine’s Day was there as my scapegoat.  And thank goodness for my man MacGyver.  Nothing says love more than a pair of Chie Miharas….ooh, except maybe an Anthro card.  Yep, either one would do just fine.

Anyway… I officially  tobogganed on down that slippery Chie Mihara slope, and was gifted these awesome NINAS on the way.  Chie is my hero.  NEVER. STOP. MAKING. SHOES. YO. K? K.

Many of you have kindly left me comments about my last post (thanks so much!), and several ladies have asked for help styling specific items. I’m excited to play with your challenging items, and I promise I will get to at least one request a week.  Maybe more.
First up?  Anthroconsabor.

I had fun playing with the Tile Quilted Mini Skirt for Anthroconsabor.  This little ditty doesn’t reside in my closet, therefore I had to Polyvore the heck out of her.

Here’s the results.  Anthroconsabor, you dig? Click on my Polyvore on the right sidebar for item specifics.

Set 1

Set 2

Set 3

Set 4

Set 5

Set 6

Set 7

Favorite(s)? Spill.

Alright my fashionable friends….have a fabulous weekend.  See you bright and early Monday morning with a Colorphile post and a challenge!

xoxo Molly



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