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DIY: Anthrofied Book Mobiles and Nail Yarn-wrapped letters.

After the damage I did at the sale yesterday, you’d think I’d stay away from Anthro’s website.  But no.  I’m like a moth to a flame.  This is what I found this morning just browsing…and is sitting in my imaginary “if I were a rich girl’s” cart:

Why I may be selling a kidney on the black market this fall....

This is just what I found in the space of 2 minutes.  Ouch. And doesn’t include wishlist items.  Ouch times 2.  (But seriously, aren’t those Elva Booties too cool for school?!)

Let’s take our minds off the new lovelies for a moment and get our crafty on….

I have been wanting to do a reading nook in the corner of my kids’ room for years….just never knew exactly what I wanted it to look like.  That is, until I laid eyes on a gorgeous window display at Anthropologie (of course) full of these:

Anthro window display via Apartment Therapy


I knew these would be perfect-o for the reading nook.  Right?!  They’re so cool.  So I hunted down children’s books at the Goodwill and Salvation Army.  Once I had 6, I was ready.  Turn on Pandora….Emiliana Torrini radio….to set the crafting mood.  Ready, set, go.

Step 1: rip out all the pages.

Step 2 & 3: Cut a length of a cardboard box that is slightly wider than the spine of your book, but the same length. Hot glue in the center. Then poke a hole in the center through both the cardboard and the spine.

Step 4: Push a piece of string, twine, yarn, ribbon, or whatver, through the spine side first, and tie a looped knot so that it won't pull through.

Step 5: This is when you should line the inside of your book with decorative paper if your book doesn't have an interesting color going on on the inside of the covers. You can use scrapbook paper, gift wrap, kids art, or pages from the book that you've ripped out. Then, bend the book at the spine slightly so the cardboard center is slightly creased. This creates a nice "hang" angle for the covers of your book.


Step 6: Begin hot gluing pages to the cardboard center strip. For the starter pages, I rolled up the bottom edges and glued them to the page 3/4 of the way up, then folded the ends slightly to make a flat edge for the glue to better adhere to the cardboard. Pages should be put in from both sides as shown here. Fill it in as well as possible, making some pages taller/shorter than others.

Step 7: After your starter pages are well-filled in, continue turning the edges of the bottom up, gluing them about 3/4 of the way (or all the way) up to the top, and then begin gluing them in random order between your starter pages. Glue them at different heights, so some hand lower. You don't want uniformity here. Hold up the book to look at it how it will hang, so you can see where you want to fill in holes, where you need more length, and general check on how it's lookin'.

This was the easiest way to position the book mobile during assembly. glue some in, hold it up to see how it's looking, place back down....add more....repeat. Stop when it feels right. How's that for vague?!

AND……..Voi-la!  A complete book mobile, all happy and hung.

Now for the other part of the DIY.  I noticed this cool signage in the home section of Anthropologie a few weeks ago and thought it would be perfect to finish off the reading nook.  Here’s the inspiration:

Super cool, eh? Blanquita, you rock girl!

And here’s the Anthromollogies version:

The completed nook.

All it needs now is a huge Lovesac to curl up in. I'm on the hunt for the best deal.

I completely love it. Hung the books with simply ceiling hooks from Home Depot.

The letters were printed out HUGE, like in 700 font, landscape format, and then cut out, tape on the wall, and nailed around them.  If you want more detail pics of that, let me know and I’ll post them too.

The nesting beast from within was momentarily satisfied by the completion of the reading nook.  Now I’m on to something else.  Here’s a hint:

Coffee filters and a paper lantern. It's gonna be a monster. I'm changing it a little.... I hope I have fingers left when all's said and done....and glued.


And I’d LOVE to make a crap-load of these as well, just for funsies:

Some disco bows to avert attention from the alarming mid-sectional growth.

So what have you been up to?  Any great DIY’s you’d like to share with Anthromollogies readers?  I’d love to have a collective Anthrofied DIY post regularly.  Are you in?

Hope so.

xoxo MOlly






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