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A Kick in the Pants: The Anthrofied DIY Challenge Reminder to win a $25 Anthropologie Giftcard

Okay ladies.  What gives?  I have some fabulous Anthrofied DIY entries, but only 3!!!  Come on….you can do it!!  The deadline is this Saturday, but if I hear from enough of you that you just need a little bit more time, I could be swayed to push back the deadline a bit.  Let me know if you’ve got something in the works.  I’d love for this to be an Anthrofied feast, so the more…the merrier!

On my own DIY front, I’m almost done with my paper lantern chandelier project.  Just an hour or two left.  And I busted out more spray paint for Uncle Buck.  Thank you to all who weighed in over the Anthrofied Art Nook and my antlers.  Uncle Buck got a nice glossy white shower the other night, and I like the results much better.  I’m still considering yarn wrapping parts of the antlers, just to add a bit more funk.

Uncle Buck goes Glossy White. What'dya think? You likey?

I’ve worn my Akka Wedges 4 times in the last 2 weeks.  These babies are so comfortable, and morph either gray or muted green depending on what you wear.  I diggeth them mucho.

Wearing: Dress-Anthropologie Harrington Sound Dress, Cardi-J.Crew Maya, Necklace-Anthropologie Mustard and Sage, Shoes- Anthropologie Akka Wedges, Handbag-Anthropologie Slate Saddlebag

I’ve been waking up about 6 times a night to pee for over a month now.  It’s really getting ridiculous.  Now the bambino’s starting to wake me up for good at 4:30 a.m. and try as I may, there is no REM re-entry for this incubator.  I want to cry.  Instead, I will smile at the purchase I made with my $25 coupon last night.

Ann Taylor Loft Transparent Squares Print Shell

and this with my other one.

Ann Taylor Loft Lurex Stripe Zip Shoulder Sweater

Both of these gorgeous tops will join ranks and form harmonious friendships with many of my Anthro skirts and pants, I’m sure of it.

I also had a chance to pop in real quick at the mothership.  Couldn’t resist this charming vixon named Alery.  She was swapped in for a return of the Lepidoptera.  It was a decision of much mental wrestling…however I cannot deny how much more often I will be able to don this everyday frock as opposed to the party-begging colors and flirty shape of the Lepidoptera.  I can’t wait to throw this on post-partum and feel really cute, adding in colored belts for a bit of “party in the middle”.

Alery Dress

I also couldn’t resist the Bojagi Pullover in red.  Love the sleeves and neckline on this baby.

Bojagi Pullover

I also tried on the mystery Girls from Savoy dress that the lovely Roxy reviewed here…. and subsequently fell madly in love…. must pick that one up next month with my birthday coupon.  A favor though?  Could someone close to 5’9″ – 5’10” try it on and tell me how short the hem is on them?  This baby bump is quite the roadblock in gauging if it will be tramp-does-texas or classy and sassy.  Thanks in advance.



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Welcome back, Whimsy. (We’ve missed you).

After perusing Roxy’s reviews this morning and laying eyes for the first time on the moth/butterfly/bird dress by Girls of Savoy she tried on, an audible “ooh” escaped my mouth and I felt my heart rate increase a smidgen.  Whimsy?  (I rubbed the morning crud out of my eyes).  Is that whimsy I’m seeing?  Fast as I could I clicked over to Anthro’s new arrivals and found it: the whimsy factor.  It’s back.  Whimsy mourners, mourn no more.  How about these whimsy morsels to whet your appetite?

Tarpan Buttondown- this colorway is my fave.

Why hello, Alery Dress. I really want you.

In Clouds Blouse- Charlotte Taylor is bringing it with the whimsy this season. I'm not saying I want giant snails hitching a ride on my top half this fall, but I appreciate the whimsical print. That's for sure.

Dromedary Dress- See? First clouds, now Camels? Go Charlotte! Camels,....they gross me out. So I'm not feeling this, but LOVING the colors. Now that's inspiring.

Stilt Striders Skirt- Don't forget the flamingos too. I seriously feel badly for flamingos. Doesn't that one leg ever get tired? What do they do when they get a charlie horse?

But the two new items I’m really loving?

The Athabaskan Booties. Killer. So killer. So's the price. Youch!


Neckerchief Sweater- Me thinks this periwinkle number would play quite nicely with my new Dauphine Heels.

I’m also really feeling this little ditty:

The Button Belted Dress- A morphing dress that you can take apart and wear as separates? Anthro, you're going all efficient on us! Whomever it was amongst your design staff that chose this gorgeous shade of pea-green, I would kiss their Anthro-laden feet if I could. I love this color.

So what’s your whimsy radar picking up so far this season?  Have you been praying, waiting and hoping for a silk snail blouse?  Or have you been holding out for a flamingo skirt all these years?  I’m hoping this is just the tip of the whimsy iceberg for Anthro this season.

I broke out my sale purchase of the Glossed Loafers yesterday, after ordering them once having them fit WAY too snug, I returned and reordered them a half size bigger, with an extra 20% off the sale price because of a whoopsie on my order, courtesy of Anthro.  I thought that was quite excellent of them.  These shoes are quite comfy, quirky, and begging to be paired with so many pieces I can’t even dream of pulling over my butt at the moment….all in due time.  These shoes, in my opinion, have that understated whimsy about them that I love.  High gloss patent leather, in a bright turquoise color, with a gold chain nodding to vintage?  These are FUN shoes, right up the whimsy alley.

Wearing: Skirt-Anthropologie Raven's Crossing, Cardi-Anthropologie Parted Petals Cardi, Belt-Anthropologie High Gloss, Tank-ATL, Earrings-Anthropologie, Shoes-Anthropologie Glossed Loafers

Here’s hoping the Anthro Whimsy fest continues.

Happy Mondaying to you all.

xoxo Molly


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Up, Up, and Away: The story of the Baby Shower wherein I was spoiled rotten.

So, this past Wednesday morning my fabulous friends threw me a baby shower.  It was all sorts of awesome.  They did a tremendous job.  Though I was heavily involved in the planning concept and crafting of decor items, the main hostess wouldn’t allow me entrance (to help) until the actual starting time.  I completely understand her reasoning, but still felt like I was missing some of the best part of the event!  It’s so fun to be the behind-the-scenes person, and see ideas come to fruition.  Anywhoozle, here are some pics of the event.  I have some of the best friends ever.  They really spoiled me….and even got my husband on board too! I’ll tell you how….

First, what I wore…. Since my friends wouldn’t allow me to come over early to help put up all the decor items I threw at them, I had plenty of time to get ready.  So I put on some eyeshadow, lip liner, lipstick, and even gloss.  Oh yeah, it was major.  I can’t remember the last time I made the time to do my lips on a weekday.  Kinda felt nice.  Of course no baby shower is complete without Anthro on board, so I cloaked the belly in stripes…Layered Column Stripes to be exact.

Wearing: Dress-Anthropologie Layered Column Dress, Cardi-J.Crew Ethereal Ruffle, Belt-Anthropologie Macadam Belt, Shoes-Chie Mihara Foreso, Necklace-Anthropologie Papaya Pebbels Necklace

On to the shower…. if you remember, the theme was hot air balloons…here’s a pic of the invite again:

Inside reads: "We're Up, Up, and A-Way Excited for Molly's Baby Boy to Arrive"

Colors were orange, celadon green and aqua…basically the colors of my kids’ room.  We gathered up maps and globes….I hit the mother-load at Home Goods and found all of these awesome, light-weight globe balls and the idea of them hanging like a mobile immediately popped into mind.  So we drilled some hanging hooks in them and when I found some equally awesome aged wired baskets at Home Goods, I sweet-talked MacGyver a night or two before into helping us suspend them above the drink station, to look like the globe balls were spilling out of them.

Globe ball Mobile suspended by fishing line and wire.

The “tablecloth” you see under the drinks is actually wrapping paper in the perfect shade of aqua houndstooth I found at Hobby Lobby.  An inexpensive option to a table cloth.

The mason jar drinks were totally Pinterest-inspired.  I saw this photo /DIY tutorial and knew I had to try it for the shower….also knowing I could use them at many different parties and gatherings to come.  Again, my man MacGyver delivered.  At the mere hint from me that I needed some holes drilled in metal lids… he jumped into action.  (….any excuse to use power tools, he’s game….).  So he drilled holes for me and then attached a metal file to the drill to file the edges down nice and purdy before handing them off to me for spray painting.  Here’s what that looked like:

The lids getting a nice spray tan in aqua.

The stripey straws were purchased on etsy in perfect shades of green and orange.  As with the baker’s twine in orange and aqua from the greatest seller.  The mailed package was so cute….hand decorated, quirky and fun.  I then simply tied little white price tags (so guests could pen their name and claim a glass) from my paper crafting stash onto the jars with the twine and ta-da! Awesome mason jar party glasses.

The majority of the decor cost almost nothing.  I went into Home Depot on several different occasions and grabbed stacks of specific paint chip colors in green, orange, and aqua. (I didn’t mind visiting several times a week since I still want to practically lick the walls in there with this pregnancy-induced Pica-ish sniffer I have). I also went to Half-Priced Books and found a really cool old Atlas they sold to me for $3, ripped out all the pages with cool maps, and cut both the paint chips and maps into triangles.  Purchased cheap seam binding at Hobby Lobby , and sewed them on.  Super duper easy.  They make such a big impact for so little money….All the buntings, when said and done, cost $10.

Noshing Table. See the darling hot air balloon cookies on the scale? My friend Dana is a Martha Stewart in the kitchen, and her cookies are crazy good. Thank you, Dana!

The Hot Air Balloon hangings on the windows were also a Pinterest inspiration.  I found this photo of an etsy seller’s handiwork and knew it could be recreated in my shower colors.  Bought some embroidery hoops at joann for like $1.59 each, used some of the same houndstooth from the invitations.  I also used other awesome fabrics from my crafting cohort friend, and hand-drew the hot air balloons on the fabric using the picture on Pinterest as inspiration.  Then I handed them over to my cohort crafting friend who worked her needlepoint magic on them.  Didn’t they turn out so cute?t!  Love. Oh, I also spray painted the embroidery hoops in glossy orange before the fabric went in, because, basically, spray-painting is a sickness for me.  (The smell!  Oh how I love the smell of spray paint….don’t worry, I was outside, well-ventilated,…but man, it just smells so good right now.)

Hot Air Balloon hoops.

Check out this cake my friend Em made for the shower.  It was so beautiful!  The hours of work that went into it….I just loved it so much.  Two different flavor-flaves: almond lemon top, and peanut butter chocolate bottom.  So.Good.  It kills me to actually eat something this pretty, but hey…we have the pictures, right?!  A work of freaking art, I tell you…..

Seriously....this cake is RIDICLESS!! Em, you are so talented!

One of the coolest discoveries I made in my Joann excursions to the yarn section was this totally boss pom-pom yarn.  It comes pre-pommed, all perfectly colored in a variety of colors.  It’s so cool, pretty to look at, and CHEAP.  (check your joann’s…it’s by Red Heart, called Pom-a-Doodle. Great name too).  The hot air balloons were also a Pinterest-inspired idea from this gal here.  I free-handed a hot air ballon on a paint chip, cut it out, and used it as a tracer on coordinating scrapbook paper. The best part was that I traced and cut these all on our drive down to the coast over labor day weekend.  Once home, I scored them all down the center, and used Mod Podge to glue them together. Remember to stick a piece of string in there while you’re gluing them all together so you can tie/hang them wherever you like.  I used the baker’s twine I mentioned above.  Aren’t they darling?  I tell no lies when I say Pinterest is my BFF lately.

The adjoining room- Hot Air Balloon buntings and pom-pom yarn

Close up- Paper Hot Air Balloons and pom-pom yarn

I received so many beautiful gifts.  I felt truly loved by all my girlfriends.  My dear friend, Arianne, the hostess, was also in cahoots with my husband about buying a certain gift she was made aware of by another one of my dear friends who follows my love for all things Anthropologie.  So Annie texted my MacGyver and asked if he wanted to go in together on said item.  He texted her back within 15 minutes saying he took care of it, that the package would arrive at her house on such and such a date, and just like that….he earned himself the position of hunkiest husband on earth for life.  Audible “AWWW’s” were heard from all within earshot as Annie told the story.  She saved it for last…..on a cake stand….hidden under a basket.  In all their blue-bowed glory.


The Dauphine Heels, from BHLDN. Oh yes,.....he did. I love that man.

This is my “I’m so happy that I might cry” face.

I had to have help getting these on. A.) Trying to put shoes on while this pregnant is just a joke. B.) Trying to put shoes on while pregnant and sitting on a sinking couch is flat-out comedy. Thank you, Mare.

I’m super excited to be receiving this and this in a few days (items of the group gift that had to be ordered….) and can’t thank my wonderful friends enough for all their work, putting up with me and my *exuberance* for event planning, and for generally being awesome people.

And that, my dears, is the end of the shower wherein I was spoiled rotten. Any questions about what you saw in this post or about shower/party planning?  Fire away.  I love this stuff!

xoxo Molly

P.S.  Don’t forget to enter my DIY challenge and a chance to score your own Anthropologie gift card for $25!!  So far, I have two entries….keep ‘em comin’!




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