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“Pushing” Presents

Wearing: Dress-Gap Camo Ruffle Maxi Dress, Shoes-Nine West Jaxon, Cardigan-J.Crew Jackie, Necklace- Anthropologie, Earrings-Anthropologie Occluded Hoops

You want to know what totally rocks?  I had my eye on this Gap dress online and then didn’t bite.  Went into the Gap 2 weeks ago and found one in a size Small on sale for $44.00.  The kicker was that Gap was having an extra 40 percent off all sale items, expiring that very day.  So I bought this baby for $26.00.  Awwww yeah.  The hues in this dress make me oh-so-soft and gushy inside.  I just love the way they play off each other.  I think the name was all sorts of wrong on this dress though.  Camo Ruffle?  Sight unseen, I never would have even clicked on a link that had that name.  I REALLY dislike camo printed anything.  I see way to much of it around these parts, and it usually means time away from family.  So I prefer to steer clear of anything camo.  However, I am ever so glad I didn’t know the name of this lovely before seeing it, so I could buy it without name prejudice.

So, I’m not sure if you’re all aware or not, but Rachel Zoe gave birth a few months ago to a little boy named Skyler Morrison.  Rachel Zoe. Gave. Birth.  I have to wonder, how did she even get pregnant?  I didn’t think you even could get pregnant with a negative amount of body fat?  BANANAS, right?!  (Sorry, I couldn’t resist. )  In any case, were you also aware of the fact that her hubs Rodger gave her a “pushing” present?  Oh, you know, something little…..like a 10-carat cushion cut Neil Lane sparkler for her right hand.  It was no biggie.  What’s a few million when we’re talking about pushing a 7 – 10 lb. honey-baked ham out your Virginia?!?

I have already seen the likes of pushing out 3 human beings from my own nethers, and perhaps MacGyver never got the memo…..but I never received a “push” present from him, or any one else for that matter.  What the?!   Do I feel gipped?  Yes and no.  I got exactly what I wanted…3 healthy, fat, squishy babies with 10 fingers and 10 toes.  However, had I known I could have planted a seed long ago….suggesting that a “push” present would be quite excellent of him….I totally would have.  Therefore, this time around, I have decided MacGyver needs some nudging in the right direction.  This is our 4th and final….and I swear, if this kid crosses the 9 lb. threshold, I think a sparkler is dang well in order.  Don’t you?!  (my other boy hit right at 9 lbs.  Did I mention MacGyver’s genes also bring large heads to the table? Oi.  Double Oi.)

So, here we go.

Push Present #1


Glossed Loafers + AG Stevie Ankles, thank you Anthro catalog cover shot.

Push Present #2

Trenchcoat Skirt + Towering Tassel Mules

Push Present #3

Sugared Dress + Chie Mihara Ionas

Push Present #4  (This is if the little man weighs in above a 9’er.)

Tiffany Circlet Ring

Push Present #5


Stacking/celebration rings

And for the grand finale, go big or go home.  Hey, a girl can dream, right?!

Push Present #6

Kitchen remodel.

So did any of you mommies get a “push” present?  What are your thoughts on the matter? Pray, tell.

xoxo Molly

P.S. I’ll be heading out of town for a bit.  If I don’t respond right away, you’ll know why.  I’ll still be able to receive comments and respond….just might be at the end of each day.  I’ll be guest posting somewhere else on Thursday….Curious?  Check back to see where!





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