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“Um, are those feathers on your shoes?”

Asked my 10 year old daughter today.  Why yes, yes they are.  Peacock feathers, to be exact.  Fake ones.  And I love them.  Then she asked me where I got my “Indian shoes” and if I thought they might still have some in her size. Oi.  It’s starting already.

When these Peacock Plume Sandals hit sale, I whooped and hollered with delight.  They’re simultaneously neutral and quirky, which is a difficult feat in my book.  I love that they zip up the back, and they’re super comfy.  I guess the only issue with them is that I should just be careful to keep my feet away from hunting dog breeds and all cats while I’m wearing them!

Wearing: Dress-Anthropologie Harrington Sound Dress, Sweater-Target, Belt-J.Crew, Necklace-Vintage, Shoes-Anthropologie Peacock Plume Sandals, Handbag-Anthropologie Slate Saddlebag

And the Slate Saddlebag is everything I expected it to be.  I love the bowler bag style and the navy color is divine.  I remember hearing one time on a talk show fashion segment that when buying a handbag, you should look for colors which occur in nature.  Those will be your handbags that stand the test of time.  This has stuck with me over time, and navy is one color that has always eluded me.  Until now, that is.  The navy blue of the deep ocean and sky is now mine to carry around.  Plus, it smells amazing.  Love me some real leather.

In other news, before MacGyver took off for the week to toughen up some scouts, two of our toilets….crapped out, pun intended.  It was so weird, in the same weekend, they both went kaput.  So we had to bite the bullet and buy new ones.  I like the new ones.  Extended toilet bowls on both and they’re a taller height than the standard variety. Easier on the knees….  They’ve also got those push button, low flow water features, and my kids are having the darnedest time figuring out which button to push for #1’s, and which one to push for #2’s.  Our old toilets are still sitting in our garage.  And because I’m still kinda like a 5 year old when it comes to potty humor, I suggested to my husband that we put the toilets out on the sidewalk and take some funny pics….pants down, newspaper reading, with cars driving by and all.  I think he wanted to marry me all over again.  Potty humor is the quickest way to his heart.

Peace, love, and potty humor….

xoxo Molly


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