I Plaidly Took Advantage of the 15% Off.

So how about that 15% off at Anthro yesterday, eh? Nice gesture, Mama Anthro! I liked it.  Although, truth be told, I’d much rather it have been 50% off, but that’s just foolish since I realize then you’d have to call it a sale. I digress…

I took the opportunity to sniff out a new-to-me Anthro location in the Dallas area to revel in the 15% off situation. I may have overdone it a bit, (though most of these are counted as birthday purchases since we are T-minus a month until yours truly blows out another hefty set of candles….) however I’m absolutely totally in luuuuuuuv with everything that I bought at the store, and hope to be in deep swoony luuuuuuuuuv with what I ordered from direct. I anticipate being so. I can’t show you what I ordered from direct because it isn’t online yet. It’s a long maxi sweater skirt, but not heavy sweater style. Colors: delightful. Style: very boho. Pattern: bold. Elastic waistband. I can’t even remember the brand. It was on a mannequin and I practically disrobed the poor dear while enroute to the dressing room our of sheer desparation as the mannequin was in a different spot from where the skirts were hanging. The sizes I tried on in the store had some pattern lining-up problems betwixt the front and back. So I decided to cross my fingers and order one to see if it’s not a dud. The skirt is fabulousness.

Sadly, I left behind a structured, box-pleated beauty in the most saturated cornflower blue you ever did see. The winding open work details that look sorta like railroad tracks forming a pattern of giant flowers play so well together that I wanna weep just thinking about it. This is the kind of skirt that would bring my fashionable Grammy back from the dead to smack me upside the head for not buying it. But I need both my kidneys for now, so I had to pull an Elsa and emotionally let it go….if you call “letting go” pricking my finger, marking the tag with my blood, and whispering “I’ll be back for you”.

J/K.  Here she is:

Bloomstitch Midi Skirt. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say the skirt looked better on me than on the model here.

Bloomstitch Midi Skirt. $268. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say the skirt looked better on me than on the model here. I’m sure I”ll never say that about an item of clothing ever again so I’m going to bask in the pleasure of this moment.

What I ended up closing the deal on were these coolios:

Fluttered Plaid Top, I mean for serious, look at these flowy sleeves! My man-shoulders are in heaven.

Fluttered Plaid Top, I mean for serious…look at these flowy sleeves! My man-shoulders are in heaven.

Anthropologie Reversible Seamless Tank in Plum

Anthropologie Reversible Seamless Tank in Plum. A staple under-layer in a richly saturated hue was a no-brainer.

Anthropologie Caged Quartz Pendant

Anthropologie Caged Quartz Pendant. Made feel a bit “we’ve got the funkish”, so I bought it.

Tocca Eau De Parfu in Stella. Seriously intoxicating stuff.

Tocca Eau De Parfum Stella. Seriously intoxicating stuff.

Roselle Peasant Top

Roselle Peasant Top. The panel details on this top are so divine. On sale with the 15% off…..awwwww yeah.

Pilcro Stet Sateen Ankle Jeans

Pilcro Stet Sateen Ankle Jeans. The perfect shade of rosey dark pink. And soft as all get-out.

And the Piece de Resistance……

Painted Plaid Dress

Painted Plaid Dress

There are so many fantastic qualities to this dress that I dare say I will gush about all of them.

Wearing: Dress-Anthropologie Painted Plaid, TIghts-Anthro, Boots-Frye Matilda, Belt-Anthro, Earrings-Anthropologie Batonnet Sparkle Drops, and Headband-Anthro. Lips: NARS Red Square.


#2. Neutral Black/White pattern to make the styling choices endless. Hollah!

#3. A Handkerchief Hem that plays with showing off a bit more leg on the sides than in the front and back = attitude, especially with colored tights underneath and boots on the bottom, leaving only 6-8 inches visible.

#4. Bodice seaming that flatters the twinners, making objects appear slightly larger than they actually are. Thank you, Corey Lynn Calter. You rock.

and #5.

It made me grin like a fool to wear it.  Especially when I spun around and the hem caught even the slightest bit of air. Giddy, I tell you.

Thanks so much for the warm welcome back. It was like group therapy with a dose of unconditional Anthro-love.  You’re the best.

Dying to know if you all snagged anything during the promotion yesterday?  If not, I grabbed enough for both of us ;)




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Resurfacing in time for the Equinox

Hello Again, Anthro Devotees! It seems I’ve left you hanging. I feel badly about that, since I truly thought I’d be away from the blog maybe a month or two at the most. For lack of a better explanation, I’ve been here, but not “here”-here. Life has taught me many things these last 4 months.

#1. Moving TAKES IT OUT OF YOU! I’m not just talking about the physical rigmorale of it all either.  For me, the mental and emotional after-shocks take their toll, leaving my inspiration bucket a bit empty for a while. Hence the silencio on the blog-o.

#2. Living in a hotel for 3 weeks with your four children (seriously, bodies EVERYWHERE), and then moving in to a rental home while your husband starts a new job and works horrendous hours REALLY takes it out of you(Like no-soul-left takes it out of you).

#3. There are good peeps in our quiet bubble of Dallas.

#4. When your 2 1/2 year-old screams “no, I go home!” every time you pull into the driveway of your new rental house, it makes you physically hurt from being homesick for the familiarity of whence you came. (exhibit A: AFTERSHOCK)

#5. Anthro has been my escape. Per usual. Perusing their offerings online each lazy summer morning before my kids woke up empowered me to tackle that formidable wall of cardboard I faced in every room.

#6. Besties. Everybody needs ‘em. Especially besties who make the 4 hour 45 minute journey from San Antonio to help ease your burdens and unpack endless kitchen boxes, watch/love your kids for you, forego regular showering for a weekend, help put together closet organizers that make you want to curse to high heaven when you perform a 40-minute assembly of it all together then realize you put the middle shelf in facing the wrong way, etc. Seriously, they are the bread of life, and I love/miss them so much it hurts.

Once the major hurdle of moving was done…..(here’s my dirty little secret….our office is still full of cardboard swear words that I just could never bring myself to unload/organize this summer. You know how the non-essentials stuff can wait to resurface, right? Is a year too long? ;))……then school registration/orientations began. School finally got underway here the week before Labor Day. So in reality, I’ve only benefited from two full blessed weeks of public education so far. Kids, Momma loves you, especially with an 8-hour separation M-F. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. ;)

Alrighty…..down to it then. It is my most favorite time of the Anthro year…..pre-fall and Fall offerings from the Mothership.  My wallet is truly sobbing at the length of my wishlist. I, on the otherhand, feel like I’m looking at Anthro Porn every morning when something new hits the website!

One of those offerings came a few weeks ago, the Equinox Pleated Maxi Dress.

Equinox Pleated Maxi Dress

Equinox Pleated Maxi Dress

Hello, little Equinox temptress.  Incidentally, the name of the dress is brilliant.

e•qui•nox (ˈi kwəˌnɒks, ˈɛk wə-)


the time when the sun crosses the plane of the earth’s equator, making night and day of approximately equal length all over the earth and occurring about March 21 (vernal equinox) and Sept. 22 (autumnal equinox).

I stared at it for two full weeks and watched the sizes sell out one by one. That’s when I knew I had to make my move before I would be #devastedindallas.  And boy, am I glad I did. This is seriously one of my most favorite pieces I’ve ever purchased from Anthro.

Wearings: Dress-Anthropologie Equinox Pleated Maxi Dress, Hair Flower pin-Anthro, Shoes-Anthro, Earrings-Anthro

I showed my enthusiasm and anticipation for the September 22 equinox date by wearing it last Sunday. I think I’ll wear it again next Monday. It’s kinda my duty, right?

It’s just so…..elegant! I felt uber feminine in it, the pleated bottom floating and swishing around my legs with every step.  The colors are breathtakingly vibrant and it fits like a dream. For ref, I took a size 6. Now I see it’s sold out in every size but 8 and 10.  Doesn’t surprise me.  This is one of the timeless pieces I will heavily pat myself on the back for buying the rest of my life.

Purchased any pieces you’re absolutely bruising your back over lately? Pray, tell.  Looking forward to some healthy and sorely missed Anthro chatter.






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When in doubt, smell it out…and the Topoxte Dropwaist Tunic review.

The best and worst thing happened to me the other day. I should probably start with the best, right?

The BEST: I accidentally left a box of Chick Fil A nuggets in the car all afternoon. It was 95 degrees outside, making the inside liken to the surface of the Sun. By the time I got back in the car to drive my son to soccer, the aroma was off-the-charts awesome. It was like a party in my nose. My car smelled like Chick Fil A all week. Awesomeness.

The WORST: I almost accidentally licked poo off my arm……Weren’t expecting to hear that now, were ya? I’ll give you a second to, uh, digest that info before I explain….

So my 2 year old woke up the other morning ornery as all get-out. When that happens, it is difficult to get him to do anything without it ending with a major meltdown. We were in a hurry, I needed to change his diaper without a meltdown. Usually a ‘one-for-the-money’ style throw onto the bed gets him laughing and cooperative. So that’s what happened, though what I didn’t realize at the time was that one side of his diaper was already undone. (Critical point to the story here). So, we do the one-for-the-money throw, I quickly change the diaper, throw him on my hip and run to the car. Now I’m quickly buckling him in, look down at my left forearm and notice a brownish smear.

As a mother, dealing with smears is quite common. Especially with my kids. I am the kind of mother who bribes her children with chocolate to get them to quickly do what I want. Frequently that involves handing them a chocolate chip granola bar in the car. So….as I’m buckling, and notice the brown smear on my arm, I think…oh, a chocolate chip must have melted on the straps while he was eating the other day and I must have brushed up against it just now…. So I think to myself, (as both my arms are occupied and I’m in a HURRY)…

just lick it off.

This is all happening within nanoseconds, right? As I’m leaning over, literally on-the-way to my arm, something inside me….a little voice of warning, perhaps an angel of gladness, a voice from the heavens?….stopped me in my tracks and said, “smell it first.”

The nose don’t lie peeps….Survey says: POO!!

In that moment, there weren’t enough diaper wipes in the state of Texas…..My hands are rubbing at the skin on my arm so fast there really could have been flames shooting off. As I’m frantically rubbing, I’m shouting, “Eeeeewwwww!” over and over again, and other things like, “GROSS!!!” and “NASTY!” Absorbed as I am in the disinfecting process, I forget my little guy is strapped in right next to me. I look up at him, notice he’s literally grinning ear to ear, and then he says, “NATH-TY!” (I love that he can’t say his ‘S’s’ yet.)

And then he starts belly laughing.

Moral of the story: When you are in a hurry, do not throw your child on the bed with a diaper half-hooked because poo will fall out unannounced to you and you will then accidentally get it on your arm and almost lick it off. The end.

Good News: I wasn’t wearing this when the near-fatal poo incident occurred. I was actually in my gym clothes, exposing said-left forearm.

Wearing: Top-Anthropologie Topoxte Dropwaist Tunic, Pants-Anthropologie Pilcro Stet Slim, Shoes-Anthropologie Scarlet and Crimson Wedges, Earrings-Anthropologie Honeycomb Hive Drops

The Topoxte Tunic is one of my most FAVORITE purchases as of late. It is literally a reincarnation of the Swizzle Stripe Top from last year:

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 8.38.40 AMThe differences I’ve noticed are that Maeve decided to switch to numeric sizing for the Topoxte Tunic rather than the XS-XL sizing of the Swizzle Stripe, and the Topoxte Tunic in general has less fabric in the front, is shorter, and has sleeves that you can wear long or tabbed up shorter, as I’m wearing above. The colors are so vibrant and awesome. I can wear this with so many different bottoms and shoe options. Highly recommend. For reference, I took a size 6.

Hope we’re still friends despite all the poo talk today. This is life. My good, full, crazy, life in which I just try to keep the poo off my Anthro swag. ;)





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